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hey friends! 

I have to give my roommate, Shelby, some seriousssss props for grabbing this top from a co-worker's giveaway bag. for me! not even for herself initially, always and forever for me, because as she said "obvi it's not at all my style but I figured you would like it." #truefriendship
 photo 88C5913F-598A-4277-B8A4-B11AE2D5A7E2_zpspjda6qrb.jpg
 photo 362B4688-F1E1-40CE-B200-206E89478461_zpsosvlilc3.jpg
| earrings: H&M | blouse: secondhand H&M | pants: from Carina | wedges: Bakers | purse: gift (Target) |

uh Shel, i LOVE it! this comfy, flowy, and lovely-colored top was the centerpiece behind my entire outfit. and I really didn't need much else. some black work-appropriate pants, brown accessories (black + brown together? I never thought I would see the day that I love it, but here we are) a fun pair of earrings, and there we have it! my own perfect wear-to-work outfit.   
 photo 3E1F7871-F462-4F73-93C1-1A7928244972_zpswcvjkwfz.jpg
I have the tiniest bit of anxiety wearing these earrings because one time when I wore them in high school, my sister Carina (who, ironically, sponsored like half this outfit) asked me if it was 80's day. so...I suppose they are pretty large and obnoxious, but also fun! also i LOVE the 80's. so whatevs.
 photo D865EBF9-9A50-4B50-875A-C9F5A3F832E4_zpsmn0jrp6s.jpg
 photo 84F2FB89-5453-40E5-97ED-C87CB806D783_zps0upurrqt.jpg
have we talked about the dream Target purse over here before? if we haven't I'm shocked, because although I'm constantly rotating through my purses, this one has been a usual favorite since I got it. or I should say, since Huntee let me pick out a purse from Target for Christmas. the man KNOWS ME. and speaking of the man, he's back in town and taking me out to dinner tonight, hooray!

also re: this purse, I saw its' blue baby sister in stores yesterday. SWOON. 
 photo 4FAFB6E5-BF36-4C3A-8BCA-755853C832DC_zps3ncucvos.jpg
I got these shoes in Vegas two years ago, when my sisters took for me for my 21st birthday. I miss Vegas. ok, I miss them more. and it's official, we're having our second #pappumaweekend in August, when both Carina and Galina will join me in Nashville for Carina's birthday! I'm already way too excited for that. I'm also way too out of vacation days, yikes. 
 photo 1BFC2653-9B26-4F50-9117-8E80573C5E02_zpsq2xw5qbk.jpg
all photos edited with VSCOCam, and taken by Kelley! thanks K.

this top is seriously so comfy, and I'm already planning my next styling attempt: tucked into a fitted skirt.

well, we have nearly lived to see the end of another week. it's been a relatively busy one at work, a pretty chill week at home, but I will applaud myself for getting some errands done that have been waiting for MONTHS. I sold some clothes to Plato's Closet and justified that it was totally reasonable for me to use that money to buy some new clothing. I also used a giftcard I won from Alissa & Fran to buy some new jewelry from Target, so that was one of the highlights of the week. 

any highlights of your week? do tell! and I'll catch up with you again real soon!


Brittney said...

Target! You don't say---clicking over right now because that purse is beautiful. Also, what a true friend for life. You know you've got it made with someone when they can pick out clothes for you and know exactly what you like.


Another Beautiful Thing

Priya said...

they definitely still have it in this beautiful brown...it is a dream come true! and agreed! thanks Brittney!!

Anonymous said...

I love the earrings! They match your gorgeous new blouse perfectly judging from the photos! Big earrings forever.. if you wear tiny studs with long hair nobody sees them...

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Ok, can we just take a moment to soak in the awesomeness of those shoes?? Seriously, I would run out and buy them RIGHT THIS SECOND if you haven't bought them years ago. Don't ever get rid of them ok? Or if you do, send them to me. I LOVE them!

Ok moving on. I would not have thought those earrings screamed 80s at all! I think they're SO pretty and I'd wear them with a pretty dress or top any day. That was really cool of your friend to snag that blouse for you. It's such a pretty color!

Priya said...

uh, EXACTLY. when I wear earrings with my big hair down I'm like...what's the point

Priya said...

thank youuuuuuu forever Lauren!

I had searched high & low for the perfect brown strappy wedges. I don't know if I mentioned I bought them while out shopping in Vegas. and since you go there like once a month, don't lose heart :) I wonder if you could find them online...

Anonymous said...

Hi Priya, are those things that you wear are all secondhand? They are look brand new. Where did you bought them? I already found a secondhand shoes for me and if you want, I will share you this website http://www.boex.tv/ because they have a lot of secondhand but good in quality shoes.

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