Beyonce, etc.

well hi!

in a word, what I've been up to since we last spoke: Beyonce. in two words, Beyonce & Jay-Z. in three words, On The Run. you get it.

between getting my costume ready, extensive beauty treatments fit for Queen Bey, working a half-day, huffing it to Atlanta and back (and in between that the physical and emotional drain that was the show) I've been a little pre-occupied! but now everything is back to normal, I'm feeling that post-Beyonce slump, and just chilling sooooo hard.
 photo IMG_3650_zpsa1cb9e63.jpg
THE nail decals. the hardest part was choosing which to use (and getting a picture that did them justice)
before they came on, the stage said "This is not real life." exactly!
Emily let me do her make-up, dos eyelashes doe
Shel & me, lipstick queens, right before the show opened!
 photo IMG_5756_zpseec0625f.jpg
being a planner, I was determined to have everything scheduled to the T. I don't mess around when Bey is involved. things couldn't have gone smoother, we all worked a half-day, drove down to Atl, had dinner at Taqueria Atlanta (trippy!), changed, and even had time for a few parking lot pics before we Ubered/walked over to the Georgia Dome. 
 photo IMG_5753_zps7fbe55fd.jpg
my GIRLS, Shel & Emily. I would not have wanted to go with anyone else!! Shel's costume modeled after this, Emily's after this
 photo IMG_5757_zpscd2d1394.jpg
Hunter is just a champ. several people were so impressed that he was going to the show, with a bunch of girls. he had a great attitude, and really enjoyed it (read: was freaking out the whole show.) love this guy. and not JUST because he respects Bey, but that helps. 

oh, and just to be clear: there were TONS of guys there. Jay-Z! 
 photo IMG_3637_zpsd2d42db9.jpg
now let me shoot straight with you. my costume was modeled after the video for Pretty Hurts (and by the way, if you haven't seen it: you know what to do.) 

I'm a costume person. and though it was a huge step out of my comfort zone to wear this, I was really pleased with the accuracy! also, I made the top myself (bought a crop top at F21, and bedazzled it with sequins & jewels) and I was totally freaked out about doing it justice. but I think it looks pretty great! and like Shelby consoled me, once I actually go to the show, I didn't feel weird or out of place at all. everyone went all out. no one looked twice at me. plus, crop-tops are like, the rage anyway right?
 photo IMG_3649_zps86423773.jpg
the Forever Young duet at the very end. I cried! *Shelby took this picture, and some of the ones above*

I was so impressed with the production, the performances of both Beyonce & Jay-Z, the arrangements of their songs (Holy Grail!! aghhh!), oh and our seats were fantastic! we were nearly on the floor. Chase pre-sale for the win!! it was altogether, an amazing night. 

and now I'll tell you what I've been telling everyone: I made lofty goals for this Summer. I wanted it to still be fun and full of adventure & whimsy, since for the first time, M-F 8-5 is spent at work. I wanted the weekends to be full and busy, since not as much can happen during the week. well, at about half-way through the season, I'm giving myself a pat on the back for that goal. now all I want to do is relax in Nashville. I am looking forward to a VERY chill second half of the Summer, since I feel like every Friday afternoon I've been taking off for somewhere new.

I have two upcoming weekends to prep for when I'll have guests in town; BOTH my sisters the second weekend of August, and my friend Steph (!!!) that third weekend in August. otherwise, no plans in sight, and it feels so good. I hope you all are enjoying Summer to the fullest!

also this past week I've been thinking about blogs, reading a lot of them, though not necessarily commenting. I've been thinking about what this space means to me, and how happy I am I've been able to keep it up for this long! when I think about blogging goals, my first is longevity, and if that means stepping back from time to time, that's alright with me.

anyone else attending/attended the On The Run tour this Summer? I would obvi love to discuss with you!!


Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

omg color me jealous!! looks like an amazing shot and i LOVE how you all dressed like diff scenes from her videos. you look so amazing & my first thought was Selena-esque, in the very best way of that meaning. glad you had such a fun time w/ the gals & your bf! that would totally be my hubs too btw, he's always wanting to tag along to the gal events haha.

Priya said...

thanks so much Dus! we really had a blast. and the Selena comparison is most definitely a compliment! just to clarify, Hunter went totally on his own accord, and it wasn't just a gal event, boys love Bey + Jay too :D

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Ok, where to begin?! First of all, OMG that's sooooooo awesome that you got to go to a Beyonce and Jay-Z concert with your girlfriends and Hunter! It looks like SO MUCH FUN! Second, you look GORGEOUS in that outfit/Beyonce rendition. Third, you bedazzled that top yourself?!?! It is SO accurate and turned out stunning!! LUV!!!

Alysia Avé said...

FIERCEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I'm so jealous. Glad you had fun in my city :-)


Alissa said...


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

That sounds so fun! You look hot! I knew you were dressing much differently than we're used to seeing but the fact you copied one of B's videos made it perfect! And your Huntee sure cleans up good :)

Priya said...

aww thank you so much Marie! I am the worst at DIY-anything, so I was pretty pleased.

Priya said...
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Priya said...

thanks girl! I seem to make it down to Atl frequently, we need to meet up eventually!!

Priya said...

possibly the best comment I have received on my blog, ever. better than I could have expected, even!

nicole s. said...

I AM OBSESSED WITH YOUR OUTFIT. i obvi knew it was the Pretty Hurts costume, but it also looks like something Selena would have worn, and i am ALL ABOUT THAT.

Priya said...

thanks Lauren! I broke my rules for that reason too :) re: Huntee, I agree! I'll tell him :))

Priya said...

first: I am so glad you recognized it! cred right there. really?? I love Selena Gomez! thanks!!!

Alysia Avé said...


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