a brunch & clog story

one last memory, and one single outfit from my trip to Memphis last weekend. 
| necklace: Tiffany's | top: thrifted | skirt: Gap Factory | purse: thrifted | clogs: Old Navy |

after weddings, brunch might be one of my favorite things to dress for. it's definitely an optimal time for something simple and chic, pretty, but not over-done; I mean, it's still early in the day. 
this skirt is perfect! it always makes me think of food. I mean, if I went on a picnic, and someone forgot the picnic blanket...not sure where I was going with that. anyway.
this blouse is a thrifted gem that I haven't worn nearly enough! I am the worst at thinking of new color combinations, so I was quite pleased with how well the orange + blue + cognac went together. and I am proud of myself for pairing them together, ok? I think I decided I like this top best when it's tucked into a skirt. hello, outfit formula.
ok, the shoes. ready for the whole story? I mean, this is a blog with a recurring theme of fashion so I can write a paragraph about my new shoes and people will get me, right?

the first time I saw these shoes at Old Navy, I loved them. not really enough to buy them, but enough to keep my eye on them. I think I have a "clog-accumulation complex" similar to my jelly-accumulation complex. weeks later I stopped at Old Navy "just to check it out", also hopeful for a 4th of July outfit. low and behold, THE clogs, on clearance, for $10. like it was meant to be! I waffled for a while between black and white but finally decided on black, went home, and planned my outfit for the next day, with my new shoes.
I know what you're thinking. but Priya, this pair is brown! neither of us are crazy, you're right. after the first day I wore them, I frantically rushed home to Old Navy (ok, I just referred to Old Navy as my home. so, I really do have a problem.) to buy them in brown as well, because 1) they were $10, 2) they are the most comfortable shoes of all time, and 3) they are super cute and go with everything! also, 4) I've wanted clogs since Elaine rocked hers errrdayyyy on ClothedMuch (RIP). 

since that day, I have literally alternated between the black and brown pair nearly everyday.

so I never link to items on my blog (mostly because all of mine are old/random.) but these, I vouch for 100%. they are still $25ish online, but WORTH a trip to the store. go get 'em! (disclaimer, I'm not making money off of you, I just care about your well-being and want you to have new shoes.) 
at this point I have used up all my words and then some on this post, but: I wore this out for brunch in Memphis at The Beauty Shop. I had ham hash. I am obsessed. how cute is Meredith. also obsessed with her.

I'll leave you with this quote, "life is nothing if you're not obsessed." - @sayitaintsheh

for real the last thing: thanks for taking the time to comment y'all! it surely adds something to blogging knowing that I have people reading along and giving feedback!! have the best Wednesday night, and I'll see ya next time. 


nicole s. said...

so from the thumbnail i was all prepared to fawn over your gingham skirt, and then i clicked in and saw the super cute and on-trend crochet top, and THEN i saw your stunningly gorgeous hair in that third pic and i basically had a heart attack. so yeah. i'm typing this from the emergency room of you're-too-cute comas.

i, too, love dressing for brunch. and eating brunch. and staying at brunch for as many hours as i can. and talking about brunch. i really, really love brunch.

p.s. get an instagram

xo nicole

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Love your skirt! Blue gingham is so cute!

Priya said...

you are too sweet. but the clogs, Nicole! can we bond over the shoes?!

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

love this outfit. the texture mix is so good and the color combination is so great for the summer!


Priya said...

thanks Nancy! texture mixing is a tricky thing, but I loved these fabrics together too!

Danielle Wallace said...

Priya, I love this color combo! Definitely going to try it soon. You should definitely wear this top more often. Its super cute and looks comfy too. Oh and stories about clothes are always A-OK in my book. I love when I have a fun story to tell with something I'm wearing. :)

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

Love that skirt! So brunchy :)

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Priya said...

"brunchy" as an adjective for clothing...using that!

Priya said...

I almost always have a story about something I'm wearing! sometimes it is very long and rambley and random, that's why I'm glad fashion blogs are a safe space! thanks Danielle!!

Kristian said...

This might be a new favorite outfit from you! The skirt is gorgeous and that orange sherbet color is a but unexpected but pairs so well.

Ashley said...

Bruuuuunch. Best meal ever. You look so cute, Priya. I love the color combo and I totally don't blame you for buying the shoes in brown too - I mean, $10 is totally worth it for shoes that cute!!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Ok so I'm a bit skeptical- Old Navy shoes being the most comfortable shoes ever?? They have like NO padding usually. So for how long are they comfortable? Like just for brunch or a day of thrift shopping?

Hahahaha ok, skepticism aside, your outfit is just adorable! That skirt reminds me of a picnic too. I couldn't stop smiling after reading that comment (I would say laughing but I was in a crowded car so I just smiled to myself). And those shoes really are adorable :)

Bri Marie said...

I LOVE the pattern mixing with the texture of that top. And I'm super into those shoes on you and they are making me question my own hesitance to get $10 Old Navy shoes (I just think it'd be a bad story including lots of blisters and limping). But these - these are work considering!

Unknown said...

Hi Priya,
How are you? I absolutely love this outfit! the color palette is gorgeous and perfect for summer, I can't believe that beautiful top came from a thrift store! someone was very crazy to get rid of it right? lol and I really enjoyed the story of your clogs! $10.00 for a pair like that is amazing!!! I can't wait to see you styling your black ones as well :)
Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog (and sorry for taking so long to answer!), I'm following you on Bloglovin, I hope you follow me back to stay in touch.


Nothing but a Pigeon said...

Too cute! I love the outfit... the colors look great on you and it looks like you had a fun filled day! I'm following along with you now on GFC. Love the bloggy!

Priya said...

Lauren- I have several pairs of shoes from ON, so I know what you mean! I've worn these shoes for an entire day of work, 8-5, and then even once all evening after work. I think the key is that they have a thick heel, and the inside of the shoe is kinda suede-y. Also, though I'm a 6.5 and I bought them in a 6, there was no painful rubbing from the strap!

ommggg thank goodness someone else actually thinks my jokes are funny :)

Priya said...

thank you Bri! I'm telling you, I went back and bought another because they were that, surprisingly, comfy!!

Priya said...

oh I hope you can get some too Marlen!!

Priya said...

thanks Milu! I have been wearing them pretty regularly, so it shouldn't be too long! I love finding amazing quality pieces that at thrift stores, it's the best!

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