Blue Suede Boots // My Story on Buying Items You Love

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This is a fashion-related blog, so I can write silly stories about items of apparel and no one will judge right? Surely there are people out there who get me.

A few months ago, in the eternal purge of my closet, I said goodbye to an old friend, these bright blue, Robin Hood style, suede boots. And now that I think about it, these beloved shoes never actually made it on my blog (until now.) The weather was already warm, so I didn't get to give them the farewell voyage wear  I like to grant any items I'm parting with. They weren't in great shape, and I'm really wondering if these type of boots are even in style anymore; but I still wrestled with throwing them out. Why? Because I loved them enough to dare to buy them in the first place. And I still loved them, even in their used to death state.

(Brace yourself for a really ridiculous statement) I threw the boots away, but because I'm weird and sentimental with clothing, I want to remember something they taught me: go ahead and buy items you really, truly love.

The scene opens: I'm a 14 year old girl, who only gets to shop at Delia's when my best friend gives me hand-me-downs (shout-out: Jenae) or my older brother indulges me with my online wishlist on my birthday. Being the over-thinker and tedious decision maker that I am, I must have looked through the entire site trying to pick those special items I would love and wear the most.

Enter the blue suede boots. This was the time where everyone had the black, slouchy pair by Steve Madden. But the blue was so fabulous, a sure-fire statement waiting to happen. Did I dare? I vividly remember a conversation I had with my fashion role model sister Carina, where she said, "I dunno Priya, I wouldn't buy the blue pair if you didn't have a pair in black that would go with everything already." {Editors Note: A couple years after this, her discarded black Steve Madden pair became mine. Thanks sis!}

Her point was valid, and it's one I make almost all the time when I'm shopping. Should you buy something in a crazy, awesome color or style when the black would be more practical and go with everything? Well, I did. And I never regretted it.

I loved those boots, literally, to death, until both the soles were split and one was missing a heel completely. I wore them throughout high school, with black dresses to make them pop, and I wore them with my mustard coat when I first started saying "To hell with color rules!" I always got a few compliments while wearing them. And I always loved them.

Now, while this story may sound a little ridiculous, here's my point: never stop buying items you love. Even if they're a little impractical. Choose the items that you would wear every single day if you could (and if you do, hey, there's your signature piece!) If you love them enough, you will wear them enough. You will always feel good when you're wearing them. You will always get compliments wearing them. It's totally worth it, instead of having items you're just "meh" about.

Farewell blue boots, you have served and taught me well. 


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Awwww! For some reason, I was so touched by the story of the blue suede boots! It brings back good memories. In high school, I could devour the Delia's and Alloy catalogs and cut out pictures of the clothes I liked. To this day, I've never ordered a single thing from there. As I was first reading your story, I thought you were going to say your sister was right. I'm so glad that wasn't the ending! When you love pieces to death, they are harder to get rid of but at least you know you absolutely loved them until they fell apart. Those are surefire signs that you chose a smart piece :)

Andrea Fer said...

This story cracks me up because I can totally imagine how it happened in my mind. I can imagine Carina telling you to make sure you have classic black boots, and everything. I think most people have things they are obsessed with and just can let go of...like your grown up version of a blankie?

Either way I loved this story, I thought it was so cute.

Andrea Fer, Coseena Food Blog

Ashley said...

I like your fashion stories :) And this is a good one with a good moral! I am totally the person that chooses things based on practicality so it is a good reminder to occasionally buy things that are fun just make you smile!

Priya said...

I did that with those catalogs too!! Jenae & I used to drive 1.5 hours to visit the Delia's store closest to us when it opened.

Priya said...

Would have never compared my boots to an adult blankie...interesting :)

Priya said...

Oh I am so glad SOMEONE likes them!! Thanks Ashely.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Priya I love this post. So sweet! I could write a similar post about so many different items I have... I have a long history of choosing random or impractical items and then loving them to death. It's bad in some ways though because the amount of clothes I have that are suitable for slouching around, extreme activity, job interviews etc is very small. But for brightly coloured stage outfits I'm doing really well :) X

Hoda Katebi said...

Aw these are such beautiful boots--I can totally see why you are having difficulties parting with them! I had to go through the same thing with my pair of black cat flats--I used them a little too much in the deserts of Morocco and therefore they are a little too broken in haha and were not worth bringing back with me :( Oh well, I guess that means we both get to add something new in our closet to replace them! xx

<(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

Priya said...

Your clothes are some of the most interesting I've seen! So I don't mind at all :)

Emily said...

I'm totally with you! Sometimes you gotta go with your gut. One of the only things that matters about fashion is if it makes you happy, right?

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