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Hi there! Here's an outfit I wore in Chattanooga for our Saturday night out (for more about my quick trip to Chattanooga this past weekend, check out this post!) I packed in about two seconds on Thursday night, and wanted an effortless outfit that was perfect for the end of Summer/start of Fall. 

Building an outfit around a dress makes packing a cinch. I borrowed this dress from my girl Amanda (after spying it at her house and casually asking about it.) It's an Old Navy gem (oh, that's why I liked it so much) that fits perfectly; and I love that it could easily be styled very casually, or a bit more dressy. I think this outfit is a great half-way point between the two! 
 photo IMG_6395_zps0ff00254.jpg
| earrings: gift | necklace: Tiffany's | jacket: Gap | dress: borrowed from Amanda (Old Navy) | clogs: Old Navy | bag: Target |

Bonus that the ensemble was really comfortable. We ended up walking quite a bit that night to explore downtown Chattanooga, but these clogs (which I've harped about probably enough on my blog!) are as comfy as they are cute! I went back and forth between buying them in brown or black (ended up buying both...) and the brown pair has gotten way more wear so far. See for yourself. Though, I really love them in black as well. Is this post totally vapid or just kinda vapid. Don't answer.
 photo IMG_6394_zps0794b9fa.jpg
 photo IMG_6397_zpsc86d9e01.jpg
This purse, which Hunter geniusly let me pick out as a gift for some celebration, is usually my go-to travel bag. It's big enough for my camera, and any and all travel necessities, but also has the long strap option for being in transit. I've seen mini versions at Target and I am DYING to have one, but they're the same price as the larger size. Explain that to me, Target gods. 
 photo IMG_6393_zpsf8497b3b.jpg
My jean jacket sits in a hard to reach place in my closet, so I often forget about it for long periods of time. It's a piece that always works though. Check out my jean jacket remix here and more ways I've worn it here
 photo Chatt1_zps6c1aba1e.jpg
Clockwise: Sundar making me laugh per ush, Hunter actually SMILING during a test shot, Me feeling fancier than normal because my beer was in an 11 oz. goblet. 

I don't think I mentioned that we are in the swing of Talent Week at my office, which is a fun crazy thing that I'm sure I'll write more about later. Today I'll be marching in a parade and passing out cotton candy, and afterwards heading to a career fair at a local University. You betcha I'm wearing a blazer in hopes of not being confused for a college student. That was me AGES (1.5 years yo) ago!

Thank you as always for supporting my need to over-think the components of my outfit! 


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Jean jackets ALWAYS work! I want to wear mine every time I wear a dress or skirt. They're just perfect. Great score on that dress! It's adorable on you! The print is easy to match as are the colors. And those clogs are super cute every time you wear them :)

Kristian said...

Your friend was great for letting you wear this- it looks nice on you. The jean jacket gives it such a classic look.

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Super cute outfit, Priya!! You have a lovely smile! Looks like you had fun!

Isabella said...

I agree that this is a lovely medium between dressy and casual! I love the little details, like your earrings and top knot. That purse is the perfect size - I don't have one that isn't giant but can still hold a camera, books, etc., so I may need that. Cute pic of you and your bro :)

I hope the parade and career fair went well, sounds like an exciting day! I am alternately confused for a 17-year-old and a 30-year-old depending on what I'm wearing; the blazer is probably a good call :)


Danielle Wallace said...

You should talk your friend into letting you keep this dress! It's one of those wear anywhere, style any way kind of dresses (my fave- like our striped gap dress!). Your top knot and lipstick were the perfect touches to making this a cute night out look! I wear my jean jacket most during this in between fall and summer time, and usually i wear it just like you did with a summer dress :)

Priya said...

Thank you Lauren! I should take your lead and just GO FOR IT & wear my jacket with every skirt and dress I own :)

Alissa said...

You, my dear internet friend, need to freaking own that dress. You look so freaking good in it!

lisa said...

I love this look- perfect for a day on the town, looking cute, and bonus points that it's comfy :)

Priya said...

you might be able to find these on clearance in a store somewhere!

Priya said...

Thank you Isabella! Tonight we have our giant Talent Show :)

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