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Happy Saturday! Aka the best day. I mean, what is better than waking up and asking yourself, "Hmm, what would I like to do today?" How often does that happen?! Kinda once a week.

This is an outfit I wore to work last week, in what I would call "anticipatory Fall fashion." We ended up having a happy hour event outside in the afternoon, and the vest came off so fast. Edit: it's actually cold now. Last night I wore a skirt/t-shirt and was freezing. Ok Fall, if you're serious about it, then I'm serious about it. 
 photo IMG_6426_zpsf32a3b5d.jpg
| sunglasses: H&M | blouse: Gap Factory | vest: Local Honey Nashville | skirt: Old Navy | loafers: Target |

As I've mentioned, my current style strategy is to wear out my closet. Like most, I'm always trying to downsize and whittle down my wardrobe to only items I love; and like some, I'm on pretty much a $0 budget for clothing while I save for other things. 

So, I'm pretty pleased with how this outfit, comprised of "closet orphans", turned out. I love the blouse, vest, and skirt, respectively; but for some reason they don't get much wear. 
 photo IMG_6445_zps0a307a64.jpg
Also I'm combining black and navy which is a huge deal for me! I don't hate it. The vest was somewhat an afterthought as I was looking for something long-sleeved for the morning chill. I realize it's not long-sleeved, but it fit the bill and I love the way the layering turned out. 
 photo IMG_6442_zps927939b5.jpg
This skirt used to be a bit big for me but now *ahem* fits great, and I think it'll be on heavy rotation this Fall. I don't have a staple perfect black pencil skirt, but I love the drapey look of this one. Bonus it's super comfy. 
 photo IMG_6431_zpsbbd806bd.jpg
How pretty is this late afternoon lighting? Love it. 
 photo IMG_6439_zps675f62bc.jpg
This is the part of the post where I talk about non-outfit related news, in the hopes of not sounding totally vapid. I survived Talent Week at work! Yesterday was a little rough, in the wake of Talent Night. But man, I love my job and I'm coming up on my one-year-anniversary, crazy! 

I'm spending today feeling like there's something more I should be doing..? I mean, rather than sitting around with some serious Vols fans as they scream at the TV. Of course I'm watching the game too (I'm not watching the game.) Meredith comes into town tonight (yee!) and tomorrow should be strictly business. Have a great Saturday everyone! Talk to you soon. 


Isabella said...

I love the combination of the polished blouse with the relaxed vest! I'm not buying anything new right now, either, and sometimes those pieces you'd long forgotten about end up forming the perfect marriage. I think the lighter navy color works well with the black skirt, too.


Unknown said...

That outfit looks pretty and cozy, and I also love that skirt, I usually am attracted to items that has got the vintage feels so that skirt hit my spot. And yup, love that lighting, it makes your outfit look all the while serene.

- architecturalf.blogspot.com

Brittney said...

I couldn't tell that these were closet orphans---you style them really well, so maybe it's time to adopt them back int your routine wear :P Also I really love the pattern on those blue flats.

Another Beautiful Thing

Alissa said...

Ommmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggg. How frigging cute is this and you?!?!

Ashley said...

Yay for days when you really do get to do whatever you want! And I LOVE this outfit. I can't believe it is made up of closet orphans. That vest is so perfect... I kind of want to find one like it now. And the pattern on the shirt is awesome. You look great, Priya!

Priya said...

Thank you thank you sweet Ashley! I always remember how much I love this vest when I wear it.

Marisa Noelle said...

You sound just like me...a $0 clothing budget while I save, save, save for other things, hehe. You look totally amazing Priya! I can't express how much I LOVE this outfit. I always tend to shy away from vests b/c I never know how to wear them and make them look cute - but this outfit is perfect. Gorgeous gal :-)

Priya said...

Thank you Marisa, you are too sweet! A vest is surprisingly hard for me to style, that's why I was jazzed when this turned out!

Anonymous said...

I just love the way you write Priya! "Anticipatory Fall Fashion" is probably my favourite fashion phrase, totally channeling that at the moment. Also "closet orphans" hahaha, you make me laugh so much. I'm borrowing both of these for my next outfit post. Is that ok?


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

These pieces are great!! That blouse is especially adorable. And I think because the shirt is printed, the black and navy combo looks great instead of clashing. I too am afraid of black and navy. So I hear ya!

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