Weekend Update: Another Mini-Family Reunion

Back to business; after another quick weekend trip to Florida to see my brother Sundar, my mom who flew out from California, and my brother Amir who came down from Davidson, NC for his Fall Break! I spent a few years in Nashville with no family even in the same region, so I am reminded how thankful I am to have some close(r) now! We make these mini-family reunions throughout the country whenever we can. And hey, these days, 4/9 is not bad at all! 

I saw Sundar real recently in Chattanooga, so when I saw him again, I joked that I didn't even have time to miss him yet. 
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I took Monday off to make the trip back, so we had a full two days! Sundar drove us all around; to the beach, Joe Patti's Seafood Market, and on base at NAS Whiting & Pensacola, where we visited the National Naval Aviation Museum. And two stops for fro-yo and donuts, obviously.  

Another highlight was seeing my cousin, Glory (very bottom right), who is in nursing school in Pensacola. I hadn't seen her since 2007 when my Dad & I visited her family in Ireland! 

Amir is killing it in his Junior Year at Davidson, as an RA, Young Life extraordinaire, club soccer player, and sermon critic, apparently. Hadn't seen him since my trip home in March! So proud of this young man. Hoping to make it over to Davidson in the beginning of November. 

My sweet mother is a darling as ever. She stayed in the airport all night on Friday after her flight got cancelled. By the time we met up on Saturday morning, I said, "Mom, if you want to be a royal beezy clap all day, you're allowed." She said, "No, that won't be necessary." WHAT a good sport.  I loved getting to make her dinner with the boys as she relaxed on the couch. We owe her a few ;) and I told her she could wake me (the anti-morning person) up every morning with "gentle, encouraging snuggles", I miss this SO much in life!! I am counting the days until we can hang again for Thanksgiving! 

And Sundar is just my buddy, obviously. He showed us the planes he flies, but I had already seen them the other weekend. Homie gets to make his selection in two weeks! He's just the best.

We (mostly me) were busy gathering ideas and making plans for our entire family's trip to Hawaii for Christmas. And on the car ride home, I spoke to every member of my family except for Coren (we talked on the way there.) Feeling pretty pleased with myself. And mildly family-obsessed. And it's short week now, wahoo!! Thanks for reading friends!


Unknown said...

It's important to create memories with one's family. I'm glad you had a great time, Priya! Happy Thursday :)

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Aww I love your sweet posts about your family! A mini-family reunion is definitely needed once in awhile. It sounds like you all had such an amazing time. Your trip in December will be epic I'm sure! What island are you goes going to? I may have asked this and forgotten. Please forgive me!

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