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I'd have to agree with you, Anne! Man I love this time of year, and man I am loving this October. The same things I was doing a month ago just feel better. Fall brings the vibrancy back that is lost in the laziness of Summer; and I should add, we are still working out the last of Summer weather around here. Fall fashion is the best, it smells good outside, the weather is lovely, and oh yeah, sweaters! 

Things I am looking forward to this October:
  • Talent Week/Night at work (already happened. Magical.) 
  • hanging with Sundar, Amir, and my Mom this weekend
  • Halloweekend in Memphis with Meredith
  • the haunted house our office puts on for a family community center (theme: Haunted Circus!)
  • celebrating my first "Emmaversary": one whole year of my job! 
  • co-hosting my first Theme Week: Graphic Tees with Andi. Kicks off Oct. 20th! 
  • perhaps re-visiting some dates ideas from my Fall Date List
  • some costumes. Should I resurrect my Beyonce outfit, Poison Ivy outfit, or try something new?

Songs I will fully vouch for this month:

On the nightstand this month:
  • Where Are You, Bernadette? - Maria Semple (I picked this up again after dropping it a few months ago.) 
  • Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn, author of Gone Girl. This is a haunting read that I think is perfect for the season. I am spellbound and seriously creeped out. Like, I shouldn't read this when I'm home alone but I will anyway and get freaked out! 

Things I can't wait to wear this month:
  • my "Firstie" Katie send me these Madewell ankle socks as part of a belated birthday present (this is totally fine with me, btw!) I cannot wait to wear them with everything, and by that I mean, every pair of booties I have AND my clogs! Something about these socks make me feel invincible. 
  • my wool snood that I barely got acquainted with this Spring
  • a few other Fall favorite outfits on the blog: here, here, and here
  • Fall outfits I am crushing on Pinterest: here, here, and here

What are you looking forward to doing/listening to/reading/wearing this October? I'd love to know! Share below.


Andi said...

Hooray for October! I'm so excited for Graphic Tee week. And I agree it's a perfect time to read anything by Gillian Flynn. I think Dark Places was my favorite of her books. She's good at creepy!

nicole s. said...

i love this post! such a cool way to catch up and feel inspired about the month ahead. want to know what else i LOVE? that new profile pic up there in your sidebar! you're so gorgeous! also, i'm obsessed with that outfit with the floral skirt and red heart sweater. precious. lastly: all of the jenny lewis, all of the time.


Larissa said...

Aaaaaand its my wedding day in October, another great reasons to love it hihi.
Have a most beautiful month and for now a wonderful weekend!

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Yay for October!! My friend is obsessed with Anne of Green Gables! I love all of those songs that you picked!

Priya said...

That's the last one on my list, but I may need a little break now! Sharp Objects was just SO creepy. I am looking forward to Graphic Tee week too!!!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

October is one of my favorite months too! It has completely flown by with everything I've done already and can't believe it'll be over in a week. It's still shorts weather here so no sweaters until Denver this weekend. Then I think they'll be mandatory! ! Have you and Hunter had any more of your fall date ideas yet?

Anonymous said...

Oh good lord I'm so behind with reading blogs - I just read this now and October is essentially over. :( I've had a very busy October! This is great though Priya, I'm so happy to read this and I hope you've had a great month. Very keen to hear about the Halloween outfits - I loved both of those previous outfits (Beyonce!! inspired) but personally I'm hoping you did something new so we can witness your costume genius in action. Hope you're doing well buddy, and sorry for the lack of contact of late xx

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