the Turmeric sweater

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| scarf: from Mom | necklace: World Market | sweater: from Shel | top: from Canada | skirt: from Shel | boot socks: Madewell           | boots: Frye |

Hi friends! I hope everyone is excited to layer layer layer again, because 'tis the season! Here's a little Fall number from over the weekend. My long-lost friend Meredith was back in Nashville [finally!], so we ran around like crazy from Saturday 'til (a legendary) Monday (late) night. Yesterday I got home from work and took a "quick" nap, waking up at 7:40pm. Whoops! Naturally I was thinking I might have trouble falling asleep last night. Nope. My bed is extra cozy come Fall, and I am as much of a sleeping baby as ever. 

N-E-WAYS: Wore this Sunday for church, but mostly doing traffic school on my porch, and making Indian food for my lunch bunch at work. Of course as soon as I started cooking with Turmeric (white people: Turmeric is that delightful yellow spice [a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant of the ginger family, Zingiberaceae, I did research because I love you]) that turns everything, well, yellow. So to finish off this pointless tangent, I changed out of this outfit in phases as I was cooking and the off-white sweater went first. Much as I love wearing a scarf over the stove.
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The temperature dropped on Saturday night (like, down to the high 30's. Enough to freeze some of our HVAC units at the office) so Sunday morning bloomed a little frosty too. I nearly wore out the elbows in this perfectly slouchy sweater last year (don't believe me?) and have looked forward to pulling it out of seasonal retirement since then! Add a scarf, throw color rule inhibitions to the wind, add my perfect boots that I have also been waiting patiently to wear again; bam. I'm clothed. 

Oh- I don't know if I ever mentioned I got this sweater-y top at the most random store in a Canadian mall, and it is perfect. My money's on the fact that I will wear this entire ensemb again this week to work. Don't tell. 
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And one picture of Dith because she's so cute, and graciously took pictures for me. "Shout-out!" (We were saying that all weekend because Dith's friend Savannah's British roommate [my stories are getting more and more bizarre...] says it all the time, about everything. Let's do our part and get that trending in the US, folks!) 
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Cutie-pie with an equally cute and fabulous coat. Can't wait to see this girl again for MEMPHIS HALLOWEEKEND! 

So. It's Wednesday. I feel like Dith just left. Friday after work I'll be leaving for Florida, to hang out with Sundar, Amir who is flying down for Fall Break, and my Mom who is flying out from CA. It's been a wonderful week so far and I can't wait for this weekend!! 


Amanda said...

I am loving all the pretty fall colors in your ensemble! And thanks for the 411 on the turmeric- I was wondering!
Enjoy your day (and the sunny Florida weather this weekend!)
<3 Amanda | http://sansscrubs.blogspot.com

Alissa said...

A) Thank you for the spice tip! B) This is gorgeous!

Isabella said...

I love the colors you're working with here! The boots are just fabulous.

By the way, your new blog profile photo is gorgeous! What a bombshell! The flowery headband is adorable!


Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

I love all of the colors together! It's a lovely fall outfit! Who doesn't love to layer?!

jeanne christine said...

I love the color combination on this outfit. Looking great!


Unknown said...

those gray socks are my favourite <3_<3, haha but great looks- your friend's included cause that coat is really nice

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

I love this outfit Priya! The vibrant color of that skirt paired with a soft yellow sweater is just darling. :)

Anonymous said...

Those socks with those boots are TO DIE FOR. Jus sayin x

Megan Butcher said...

Love this outfit! It's that perfect mix of comfy and put together looking. these shades of teal and purple remind me of Disney's The Little Mermaids, I've always thought it was a good combo! :)


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