do you wanna go straight to Hawaii: #palohaChristmas2014 part 2

Well hello! So last week completely escaped me. Mostly because my good friend from work, Mallory (searching the perfectly Priya archives for Mal :: :: here!) decided to up and move to San Francisco, and a cornucopia of festivities ensued! Happy for her because SF is the coolest, and my home, and she is going to kill it; bummed because we will miss her. 

So this weekend was mostly chill, with a bunch of friends thrown in for good measure. And some RuPaul's Drag Race with my roommate, Emily. Have you guys ever seen that show? Oh. MY. 

So it's funny, I worked on this post and planned to say "dreaming of Hawaii, it is so cold, take me back" BUT Nashville is a shocking 60 degrees, and has been around there for the past three days! It's the most incredible teaser for Spring. But yeah, I'm still missing #palohaChristmas2014 (see the full post here.) 

Part 2 of my vacation post is just for the iPhone pictures and quotes from the week I wrote down. Two of my favorite things. Comprised of my favorite people. Oh yeah, I can't take credit for many of these photos...some genius decided we should share all our iPictures through our photo stream, or something? SO consider this #palohaChristmas through everyone's eyes and mouths (sounds gross)! 
 photo pc3_zps3b731ffb.jpg
big sibs night out / afternoon walk / staying alive on the sunrise hike / beautiful, everywhere!

"Tuppy you did surprisingly well!" - Mom after Tarif placed second in a race with Amir and Coren

"Holy Road to Hana!" - Galina makes the Hawaii edition of her favorite phrase

"Ok, her name is Kanoe. I have to see if this is real." - Sundar and I perusing Tinder one night
 photo pc4_zps89b5d099.jpg
beach bumz / bullying Amir, per ush / Dad makes his cooking debut! / the boys after their race

"Oh-ha-hu." - Dad pronouncing where they went for their anniversary (Oahu)

"There is no fun in eating watery ice cream." - Dad laments about his melted dessert

Mom: Pushpan, can you take the Youber?
Dad: No, there is no Youber.  
my parents discussing options for traveling around the island

"You conquered your fear of the ocean today." - anonymous on Dad's stocking
one of the things we forced everyone to do was write something nice about every person on Christmas stockings I made out of construction paper (like, you are a good friend), this was found on Dad's
 photo pc1_zps2acb0ddf.jpg
best throwback photo of them all / another Maui sunset / siblings selfie / me wearing mom's old suit! 

"I think this says 'Love Lupe'" - Tup trying to decipher someone's handwriting 

"I didn't say I was 21. They asked me if I was 21 and I said 'Yeahhhh.'" - Tup defends his acceptance of "rum punch" on Hawaiian Air

"I will answer that question but first can you come outside and take some fashion shots of me right now?" - Mom as Priya
My planned after dinner activity was a rousing family game of Psychiatrist (basically, everyone does an impression of someone else in the group) when someone asked my Mom a question, she answered as me, saying THAT. Hilarious and concerning at the same time (I'm not really like this!) 
 photo pc2_zpse0029f48.jpg
sibling selfie in a Subaru / sunset from Napili beach / sistah selfie / paddleball on the beach! 

"Pushpan, if your feet are touching the ground you are not swimming!" - Mom giving Dad a lesson in the treacherous Maui surf

"Arja, bring me four slices of cheese." - Dad's lunch request

"Carina has island fever." - Sundar diagnoses the dissension in the group

I laughed out loud a few times reliving these memories. What a trip! Missing my people.

At press time, I don't think I will make my resolution of the month of seeing a family member (major bummer) BUT I also recently learned that all the siblings should be rounding up for Tarif's production of Jekyll & Hyde at the beginning of March. I swear, we go two years without all seeing each other, and then it's two months. I am crazy happy about that. And the way things are going this year so far...that will be here so. FAST.

So, onward, and upward!


Alysia Avé said...

Oh that looks like so much fun! I'm really missing the beach right now even though it's 63 in Atlanta! I can just hear the tropics while browsing through your pics. Thanks for sharing!

Alysia Ave

Danielle Wallace said...

I never realized there were 7 of y'all! This whole post is exactly why I want a big family. Seems like y'all have so much fun together! Our family always has stupid/silly quotes from vacations, but why did I never think to write them down?! I definitely plan on documenting everything my children say so I can do like you and look back and laugh at it! Also- you in your momma's old swimsuit!!!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Sorry to hear you friend moved away. Have a great week

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Jealous of this whole post right now!! I wish I had just taken an awesome vacay in Hawaii! I went to Texas two weeks ago hoping for warm weather and it was just as cold there as it was in NY! How cruel is that?!

Priya said...

We do have a lot of fun! Writing down quotes like this is something I started doing a long time ago...honestly I love reading through them when I'm having a rough day, because they will still make me laugh so hard. You'll have to get a journal started for your kids one day, hearing funny stories about some one when they were younger is the absolute best.

Priya said...

No kidding! I'm going in Feb. and really hope it's a break from cold weather!

Unknown said...

Love getting to see everybodys snaps!! Also I love the quotes from your family (I am ALWayS writing down quotes the minute anybody says anything remotely funny) and I also love that you write anonymous notes on everybodys stockings. Seriously, that is so sweet. This is one of those times where I read your blog and think "If only I had a larger family like Priya's" hahaha. xxx

Priya said...

Thank you Laila :D it can be pretty fun sometimes.

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