Here's a way to tell that it's actually really cold in Nashville (or a way to tell that I am totally a Californian who has never dressed for actual cold): when I'm wearing my corduroy pants. 

When I'm laying in bed after hitting snooze a dozen times, and my weather app reads 3 degrees (true life, wtf Nashville) I know I'll need as many layers as I can muster, a long coat, hat gloves scarf, probably rainboots, and pants of some sort. I don't know that corduroys are any warmer than jeans, but it's a mental thing that keeps me slightly cozier. 
 photo IMG_7674_zpsitehsncv.jpg
| beanie: H&M | scarf: Old Navy | flannel: gift | sweater: UO | cords: F21 | socks: Target | boots: Hunter |

Enough about the cold. I'll bet it's cold wherever you're reading this too! Last week was totally weird. These pictures make it look like we got snow in Nashville, but we never got more than an inch. What you're seeing here is ice that never melted, all week long. 

I keep telling people this as the silliest anecdote to describe the city "being on lockdown": I had Preds (vs. Sharks, how's that for regionally confused sports fandoms??) hockey tickets for Tuesday night, and the Preds scored 5 goals so we earned a free Frosty with our ticket, but WENDY'S WAS CLOSED. So, legit lockdown. 

I lived in this thermal and beanie for three days, and when I finally went back to work I had one of those "omg my hair is so dirty and I didn't even realize because I've been living inside of a beanie I can't wait to go home and shower" moments. 

So, yeah. Highlights and lowlights of the week. 
 photo IMG_7677_zpslehubjfp.jpg
 photo IMG_7678_zpsbckad66m.jpg
You would think with all that downtime and time spent at home I would have been SUPER productive and like re-branded my blog and DIY-ed an entire bachelorette party right? No, you know me better than that. I tried to write in my journal about last week and it was like "...snowpocalypse? Not sure what I even did..." I think my main (--> only accomplishment) was starting Parks and Rec, I love it already, and I knew Aziz would be my favorite, and he so is. It's completely relevant as tonight is the series finale.

So things are pretty much back to normal. Things on my mind:
- Amanda's bachelorette party on Friday/Saturday
- Sundar coming to town Friday night (tbd due to weather)
- Amanda's bridal shower Sunday
- going home NEXT WEEKEND, yippee! Everyone, including Huntee, will be there, and Tarif is starring in another show!

Hope you all are staying warm and not losing your sparkle (Bachelor Season 17, anyone?)
Thanks for reading! 


Alysia Avé said...

You look so cute and warm! That scarf is perfect. It's been cold and snowy in Atlanta but thankfully nothing like last year. I'm embarrassed to even think about it! And yes Bachelor *hangs head*

Alysia Ave

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

I love your coat! Looks very chic! I don't think corduroys are warmer than jeans, but I like to think they are! Those yellow rain boots are so fun and cheery and totally brighten up these horrible cold days!

Jodi said...

cute and yellow boots are super awesome.. love the flash of color!

Marisa Noelle said...

Gah, I LOVE those boots! I really need to buckle down and get a pair of these. Right now there's about a foot of snow in my yard and a negative 30 windchill...I definitely feel your pain, hehe. Super cute way to bundle up and look chic as well. For me, I've been living in skinnies, slouchy hats, and big sweaters haha. Keep warm Priya!!! xoxo

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

you look super cozy.

P.S. My blog has moved to http://www.amysfashionblog.com/blog-home

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Man, I just had this long comment typed out and my computer decided to go back a page, grr. Starting again.

I can't believe Wendy's closed with just an inch of snow and yet here in Denver, it's the worst snow storm I've seen yet and every shop and restaurant has their OPEN signs lit. Such craziness! Gosh how cool you got to see the Sharks play in Nashville! I'm not even a hockey fan but the Sharks are our TEAM! Which side did you sit on?

You would think snow days would be more productive. Instead, they make me even lazier! Lots of Harry Potter reading, Netflix watching, and a whole lotta nothing! I did teach myself to crochet and made a scarf so I guess that counts for something? This outfit is adorable. I was wondering when I'd see you in full-out winter gear! Us Cali girls have to bundle up to stay warm! Even in my house I'm wearing my wool thermal pants and shirt under jeans and my huge black cardigan. Oh, and the scarf from earlier has stayed on too. Brr!

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