#AmandaGoesWilder Weekend

Whaaat a weekend. I love celebrating my best friends. Bonus when it's with THEIR best friends, and dear family that comes to town. There's gonna be a LOT of that this year. 

My baby was the bachelorette party on Friday night (top three photos.) I realized I absolutely go into "blackout party planning mode" when I'm hosting anything. But things really couldn't have gone better; from dinner without reservations in downtown Franklin, our hotel, the decor, games, and brunch the next morning. We just had a blast, and showered the bride-to-be with lingerie and lots of sweets. Oh- and the theme I went with was #AmandaGoesWilder, since she'll be Mrs. Wilder in about 2.5 weeks. Insane!

The second three photos are from the bridal shower on Sunday. Missy, Katie, and Julie planned it and did an amazing job! I didn't do a great job of taking photos of the decor, but it was fabulous. And holy appetizers. Those Shrewsbury women can host ;) 

To be honest, I am learning as I go through this first "close friend getting married" experience, all of these things are new for me! I'm also saving bits along the way for the next bachelorette/bridal shower/wedding [JENAE.] 

I am truly thrilled for Amanda, who's been my girl since day one, second one, of moving to Nashville (and who I lived with for most of college --> "Roomie.") But you know what's a little strange? I feel like I'm giving all my best friends away to have a new best friend. Sunday night I felt the slightest bit melancholy like, why didn't I enjoy those random times in college when the dorm was completely empty and we would just hang? You know, I think there's a lesson in there for every phase of life. Good thing I like Dustin alright ;) love you Roomie, and on to the next batch of festivities!


Larissa said...

Wow, this looks like a GREAT bachelorette party! When there was mine, we also had brunch and then we went to a bollywood dance class :D I loved it! I feel the same way when friends get married (or get children) ... somehow they step into a new part of life... and now its actually me stepping into this new part of life and leaving some friends there with this melancholic feeling. I guess thats life. Anyway, lovely post Priya!
Have a most wonderful day dear and thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! Your comments always make me happy! :)

Priya said...

Bollywood dance class?! I did one of those once and LOVED it. Wish those were available in Nashville. I'm glad you know what I mean- it feels almost a little selfish, but I am really happy for my friends getting married too.

Fash Boulevard said...

This looks like so much fun. I love the bride to be banner. So cute.
Fash Boulevard

Ash @ The Nashvillian said...

This all looks so amazing!!! I love that top photo - it looks like you all had a GREAT time! :)

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

It sounds like you guys had a lovely time! I haven't had that "best friend getting married" experience yet but I'm sure it feels like you're losing them to someone new! As long as you two make some girl time together, I'm sure it'll still be great :) You look beautiful in your dress Priya!

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

so cute!! looks like a lovely time!


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