Weekend Update: Spring Fake the Second

Hello again! The past week has been totally wacky; since Thursday ended up being a snow day, and Sunday ended up being a bonus day in California after our flight got delayed (we got over it pretty fast :) anyway, Thursday afternoon Hunter and I flew home to California for pretty much an identical trip to one we made a year ago (I called that our "adult Spring Break" or "Spring Fake.") I have to note that I did run into Amir at the Phoenix airport.

What a tremendous weekend. I am still feeling overwhelmed! When we got to the airport to come back that first time on Sunday, I actually thought "Wow I am so exhausted I feel sick." A combination of the time change and Daylight Savings and hanging with everyone had us staying up super late and waking up decently early, feeling alright. Well, four days of that catches up to you and smacks you in the face, especially when you're a sleeping baby like me! Totally no regrets though. While it's so not my style to go and go for days on end (got it from my mama), I've learned that you have to make the most of time spent with family and friends, especially when they're across the country.

So, here's what we got into on our jam-packed long weekend!

Starting with some  iPhone pics, since it is nearly impossible for me to post without including them these days. I always have my phone on me, don't always have my clunky camera on me, you know how it is!
 photo home1_zpsq5te1qbp.jpg
| Pappuma sister royalty crown necklaces with my lil Peanut | 
| I spent a while looking at old pictures, realized the twins were the cutest babies of all time. This photo is now my phone background |
           | Insisted on stepping in the ocean on Friday because: California (and TN is landlocked) | 
 photo IMG_7874_zpsn8vtw5iv.jpg
Friday we hiked in the Marin Headlands, just above/across from the city. It was THE most beautiful day, couldn't get over it. The path above takes you straight to the Point Bonita lighthouse.
 photo IMG_7887_zpsxxbygsb8.jpg
Check out that Golden Gate in the background!
 photo IMG_7901_zps1uddtvat.jpg
 photo IMG_7919_zpsba5suohn.jpg
Our adventure crew! Not bad for a self-timer pic. 
 photo IMG_7926_zpsjpx3hf6x.jpg
I did a little research, this is called Rodeo Cove, with Tennessee point to the right. How funny right? 

Amir, Hunter, and I stayed on in the city, killed some time (I wouldn't rather do that anywhere else!) met up with Carina in her office, later met with Mallory, and headed back on the train that night.
 photo IMG_7981_zpse5xxiuh0.jpg
 photo IMG_7985_zpsdxwoj5p5.jpg
Saturday Jenae had strategically planned to have her bridal shower. More like, her wonderful sister Jesse planned it, and it was lovely!          ^ These banners were photo backdrops that Jesse made, the quote is from Seven Brides For Seven Brothers and is (as told by Jesse) "THE reason Jenae is getting married in June." Ain't nothin wrong with a little musical theater affecting you irl. 
 photo IMG_8003_zps8w63yhle.jpg
These girls! So Jenae is getting married at the end of June (wut.) I could've spent ten hours talking to them, and Jenae's mom and sister. But there just wasn't the time; because that night we hosted an early dinner at the house and went straight to Tarif's show! This night ended veeerrryyy late with my mom yelling out of her window for us to stop playing ping-pong and go to bed. 
 photo home2_zpsb7veuhip.jpg
| Friday night in the city with Mal! |
| Tup as Dr. Henry Jekyll. He is so talented, he made me cry twice. I can't think of many things I love like watching him perform | 
| The twins big first 21 year old night out with the sibs, minus Peanut |

Two important girls missing from these pictures- Marisol, who I know will be reading this ;) and Katie, who I got to see twice, surprise, on Sunday. I love you both and was so happy to see you! 

I will say that I'm a sentimental person. But oh man. The nostalgia of being home is a weird melancholy thing indeed. I love taking Hunter home to everything and everyone that made me the girl he met in Nashville. And California is just so beautiful.

This weekend I felt: SO proud, cozy, content, heartbroken, surprised, loved, amused, included, tired, exhilarated, spooked, awed, and longing. I would say overall, really filled to the brim with that large part of my heart that is in California. 

Sorry to dump so much sentiment on you, I know you're here for [mostly] fashion! My trips home just get sweeter and more melancholy the longer I've been away. Also consider that I haven't really journaled in the past week so, perfectly Priya is helping out. 

Thank you friends, near and far, online and irl. xo

Keeping it real: I'll be back soon with how I packed how my trip and what I wore while I was there! 


Alysia Avé said...

Beautiful pics! I'm so glad you got to go home and spend time with family and friends. There is something about being around the people who made us ourselves that is so rejuvenating! Can't wait to see what you packed !

Alysia Ave

Unknown said...

Gorgeous photos! My favorites are the ones from your hike. I always appreciate that you cherish your loved ones. Happy Wednesday, Priya :)


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Aww it sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I'm so jealous you got to be back in Cali. My boyfriend and I are SO ready to move back. We just have some money saving to do and then we're headed back to the Southern California coast! You always seem to pack so much into your weekends when you visit, I don't know how you do it! One of these days, we'll meet up in Cali. What are you doing in June? haha

Priya said...

Ah, I didn't realize those were your long-term plans! Seems like a smart move, and you get to experience living somewhere new (and the seasons :) I will actually be in the Bay Area the very last weekend of June, for a wedding! Will we be there at the same time?!

Anonymous said...
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