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| purse: from Jenae | dress: F21 from Jamie | sandals: Target (super old!) | bracelet: gift from Rachel | 

Hi friends! I hope your work is off to a fabulous start. I, for one, I am ready for a normal week, with no guests and no vacations in the middle (I mean, I love vacations, but they can throw a wrench into your livelihood, for sure.) 

I wore this outfit a couple times this weekend, and will likely wear it again to work this week. My saving grace in this terrible, no-good, very bad clothing ban is discovering some hand-me-downs I had tucked away. I got this dress from a co-worker in November, and am just now finding it as I switch my clothes for the season!

This dress, like this dress (both hand-me-downs from Jamie; she even compared the two) are examples of prints and styles I wouldn't pick out for myself, but ended up loving. That's the beauty in hand-me-downs! With literally zero barriers to entry, you may as well keep it and see if you like it. After trying it on, I think the fit and subsequent style of this dress just can't be topped! Perfect for stuffing my face at a graduation party (and oh, I tested it ;) 

Also jazzed about this purse I rescued from Jenae's giveaways last weekend. I've been using this one since I got it, for work, since it's the only one I have that comfortably fits my laptop. But now I have this happy yellow one for Spring! Actually, is Spring over? It's feeling prettyyyy Summer-y in Nashville, and I'm not mad about it. 


Alysia Avé said...

Fun colors! Yeah, I'm pretty sure summer is here. It's been 80s+ in Atlanta!

Alysia Ave

reshma said...

Loving both the dresses on you Priya! And I love a bright yellow bag for spring/summer.

Nothing but a Pigeon said...

I love it! I know what you mean... prints that you thought you'd never select for yourself or even a certain color or shape of clothing that you'd never usually gravitate towards end up being your favorite! It's good to try new things and this is a perf example!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Such a pretty dress. Got to love hand me down. I just got some hand me down this weekend. From my friend.


Priya said...

Thank you, sweets!

Larissa said...

This is such a cute laid back look which I really like on you! I also like hand me downs which I maybe do not like 100% in the first place because they are not what I am usually wearing but which turn out to be favorite pieces in the end.

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

You get the best hand-me-downs girl! That purse is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I love the print! You're so right about hand-me-downs and just seeing if they work. I love hand-me-downs anyway and knowing where stuff came from! X

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