Summer Bucket List '15

Well if you can believe it, Summer 2015 is right around the corner. I love thinking of Memorial Day and Labor Day as the "bookends" of the Summer; it organizes the season neatly in my mind. And it gives me an exact timeline for when I need to accomplish what I want to.

I love listing things and checking them off, probably to a fault. So here's my bucket list for Summer '15!
 photo IMG_8482 1_zpsunnlfzlq.jpg
pool dayz of Summers past

- go camping!
- go to a county fair
- berry-picking
- beach trip with Huntee
- ombre my hair!
- go to the farmer's market and make a meal with all fresh ingredients!
- canoeing/ca-brewing
- spend an entire day outside
- put on temporary tattoos
- plan an awesome patriotic ensemble for the 4th
- go to a Sounds game (Nashville minor league baseball team)
- visit at least five Tennessee State Parks
- go to an outdoor concert
- go on a road-trip
- spend a day on a lake
- make a Summer cocktail
- sit outside and read
 - {EDIT} actually DO a trivia night
- {EDIT} complete the Bikini Body Guide
- {EDIT} try a pretty (new!) up-do
- {EDIT} visit an amusement park

Subject to additions or subtractions, I suppose. I think I've got a good list going!

What's on your bucket list for this Summer? I would love to hear what you have planned! 


Unknown said...

This sounds like a great summer bucket list :) Berry picking, going to a fair, and visiting 5 parks seems like fun activities that I need to put on my list (which you've inspired me to make.)


Larissa said...

What a nice bucket list! I wanna go camping too, and to the beach and to the lake and I want to sit outsid reading books and sitting in a coffee shop in the sunshine with bare legs :)
I do not know if all of this is possible with the little one, but lets see ;)


Fictitious Fashion said...

Niceee :D

My dream come true post: Loving it in the States


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Unknown said...

That is a long but wonderful list. Hope you do each and every one great post!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

All of these sound amazing! I'm hoping it will be warm for my Cali trip in a week. Spending time outside is my fave in the summer, especially for beachside reading!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

I hope you are able to do a few of these items. I will be starting a new job this summer.


reshma said...

I love your lists! I'm big into making lists and checking them off as well... I so want to ombré my hair. But I chicken out every time!

Danielle Wallace said...

I say if you road trip here to Louisiana we can knock out a few of these ;)

Priya said...

you're going to kill me, but...

Unknown said...

I thought I had already read and commented on this post but apparently not! I've been trying to crack through my summer list which is taking some time. Temporary tattoos is one of the things I want to try and do as well! And I cannot wait to see what you're wearing today!!! Happy fourth :) xx

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