Words I Would & Wouldn't Use to Describe Myself

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a young girl documents her 23rd year of life with prolific selfies (warning: self-indulgent post ahead!)

Today I am 24 years old. (In case you're wondering what the song for this year is- Twenty Four by Switchfoot. Say what you will about them, but it's a pretty song. This is preceded by "What's My Age Again?" - Blink 182, "22" - Taylor Swift and "21 and Invincible" - Something Corporate for 23, 22, and 21 respectively.)

If I'm being totally honest here, though I would say I mostly enjoy being the center of attention (not all the time, mind you, but probably a good 70% of it), I generally don't like my actual birth day. To be completely transparent- it's always disappointing. You look forward to this day all year, you expect it to be totally different than any other day, you expect to feel different- when in reality, it's just another day. And you're a year older, which doesn't feel different.

That's embarrassing to share because what I don't mean is "my life sucks, nobody thinks I'm special"; I love the people I'm surrounded by, and any kind of adventure- but I enjoy it all a lot more without the pressure of it being my birthday. Just to clarify. All that to say- when I'm old and rich, I'm throwing a rager- I'm thinking like, destination birthday party or renting out Carnegie Hall or something- I will be lowered onto a stage in a giant cake- and you're all invited!

In the spirit of indulgent self-reflection, I was thinking the other day about words I would use and words I wouldn't use to describe myself. I realize this is a little self-involved, but it's my blog, whatever, and also- on what better day would this be more appropriate? Let me tell you about myself!

i AM:

  • creative- the most accurate way I can define this is: I love making any kind of stuff up. And design/colors. 
  • friendly- I wouldn't always say "outgoing", but always "compassionate." I love making/having/being friends. 
  • organized- to a fault. About everything. I clean my room once a day. I keep even my brain organized by journaling. 
  • enthusiastic- not all the time, but I live at a general level of excitement and frequently can't sleep because of it. 
  • dramatic- thought it was a joke/coping mechanism at first; but I enjoy flowery language and mannerisms on the reg. 
  • passionate- about nearly everything. See also "fan girl" & "obesessive." I think I have an obsessive personality. 
  • loyal- honestly I think this goes with "obsessive", it's like if I choose to be friends with you I can't not do it. 

but NOT:

  • artistic- minus nail painting and blogging (?) I have NONE of those enviable classical skills: music, drawing, etc. 
  • patient- when you play that game that's like "What's your biggest flaw?" This is mine. I am not endorsing this! 
  • punctual- also, this is really silly. Once I'm 24, I hope that I can just be on time to places, dang it! 
  • disciplined- hmph this is like a shame parade, but true, I have a hard time with things like "don't eat an entire cake!" 
  • efficient- just ask Hunter about this, ha! I realize it takes me a long time to do most things and go anywhere. 
  • objective- so this means based on facts and not feelings. But everything I do is based on feelings so...
  • calm- how do I say- "I feel like I have little control over my emotions or attitude" without sounding insane?!

I would love to hear your answers as well; I think it's fascinating!

What is one word you would and one word you wouldn't use to describe yourself?

And despite my lil rant above- I actually am excited about this day. I'm spending it doing things I like, and maybe wouldn't do on an ordinary Friday. It's pretty chill and feels very 24. #adulthood, I suppose (even though my real birthday wish-list includes an Easy Bake Oven AND a new tire + hubcap.) OH- and it's National Donut Day which is providential, friends!

Happy it's-my-birthday everyone!! 


Ash @ The Nashvillian said...

Happy birthday! And I'm with you...I've never been a big fan of the birthday, either. Or, maybe I was when I was younger and actually had birthday parties and presents, but now that I'm older, it's just another day. And I still have to go to work. :( And I ESPECIALLY don't like it now that I'm in my late 20's (approaching 30's!!), and I can FEEL my body getting older. I'm achy, my muscles are fading, and I just don't have the energy I did in my early 20s...ugh. Sorry for the rant...I'm turning 28 next week, and I obviously have a weird complex about it (even though I know that's still YOUNG). haha! Enjoy 24 and soak up every minute of it! :)

reshma said...

Such a cute post! Happy birthday! :) I can't paint my nails correctly for the life of me... So you got me there! I loved getting to know your personality better through this post. Those songs are so fitting! I remember when I turned 30 and I argued with my husband for hours saying no he had it wrong... I was 29.... Just to realize he was right yet again! Hope you have a fabulous day!

Nothing but a Pigeon said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl... I love the list that discribes and does not discribe you! Ha! I love the "calm" explanation. Lol.... too funny!

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Happy belated birthday!!!! Yay! I'm always disappointed by my actual birthday too! I always think it should be perfect -- sun shining, all lights are green, everyone remembers my birthday, I find a $100 bill, random stuff like that, but it's never all sunshine and rainbows. Anyway, I hope you had a spectucular birthday!!

Priya said...

Thank you sweet Reshma! That is hilarious about you turning 29...I guess your age really caught up to you ;)

Larissa said...

What a nice post... now of course I am thinking about what I am and what I am not. I am definetly not patient either and I am also very ethusiastic... maybe I will make my own little list now :)
I am happy you liked the email I send you! Thank you a lot for yours!
Sending much love!

Priya said...

I totally know what you mean! But the way I spent it ended up really nice :)

Priya said...

I would love to read yours! Thanks, Larissa!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

This was such a cute post! These words that you either would or wouldn't use to describe yourself just makes me love you even more. We are so different but I think that just means we would balance each other out right?

I would say I'm also friendly, slightly organized (but on a more relaxed scale), and loyal. I'm much more shy and reserved than you but I love my friends dearly and love spending time with them when I visit my Cali homes. We are different in that I am ALWAYS punctual and it bothers me when others aren't if I'm trying to get out the door and the other people in my party aren't ready yet haha. I'm pretty calm but not always patient--especially when it comes to others not doing what I expect them to do (and how can they, seriously?)

Brynn said...

Happy SUPER belated birthday!! I really enjoyed reading this post, Priya! I'd say that I AM kind, quirky, and loyal. I am NOT patient, overly confident, or relaxed. Haha.

Unknown said...

Happy mega-belated birthday!!!!! I love this post! I might do a version like this on my own blog, do you mind if I borrow your idea?! It's something I think would be interesting to explain! I'd need to think it through a bit more! I love getting to know you more through these kinds of posts as well :) x

Priya said...

Of course you can, and I would love to read it :) thanks Laila!

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