Monthly Goals, June

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a happy memory in Huntee's truck from the start of the month!

Happy July, everyone! Let's take a look at how I did on my monthly goals in June.

- I just returned to Nashville after a trip home for Jenae's wedding weekend. Go on a trip: √
- I went to a friend's show, CMA Fest, and a Mae show (narrowly missed the Nashville Symphony!) Live music: √
- I got to see a bunch of family over the weekend (Mom, Dad, Galina, Carina, Tarif & Amir.) See a family member: √
- I paid special attention to being kind this month. I can think of several things I did specifically because of this, but overall, not my best effort. One word motto: √ (but only just)
- I thought I failed this one, but we did have Hunter's roommate over for frozen pizza before CMA fest. Host dinner: √
- Guys! I read The Girl on the Train AND Big Little Lies in June! My first two books for the year. Read a book: √
- I believe I wrote to someone this month..? Definitely received a lot of birthday cards! Write a letter: X

So, this is probably my best month in 2015 so far, goal-wise. And otherwise! June was a really fun, sunny month for me, I celebrated my birthday, was in a friend's wedding, and had several other Summer adventures.

If I were to focus on a few of these to improve on for next month, I'd say: one word motto (which I haven't picked out yet!), I would like to host an actual, thought-out, dinner party (I need to buy two dining chairs), and I have a few people in mind who I owe letters to :)

Hope you guys had a fantastic my birthday month, and July is off to a good start. Thanks for reading along with me! 


Elaine said...

Wow, you fulfilled a lot of goals! Way to go! In my most recent post, one of my happiness activities is to pursue goals so I need to start my list! I love that you do monthly goals. Most of mine are fairly long term and it can be quite discouraging. I may have to follow your lead! :-)

Also, I'm interested in what your one word motto. That is a great idea.

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Great job with all of the goals!! Hooray for reading! If you ever need any book recs, you know who to go to! ;)
Love that picture of you!

Unknown said...

You've done way better with your June goals than I did with mine. And all of mine were rubbish! One was "get nice hair" I mean what the heck is wrong with me. Congrats on such a successful month! Here's to July!! XX

Priya said...

Not a bad goal! One of my Summer goals was to ombre my hair so like, the same thing basically!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Congrats on the goals girl! Way to crush it!

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