Weekend Update: #DunnandDunn Wedding Weekend!

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(lots of photo cred to Steph) iPhone snaps now, legit photos later; this is my plan! 

I'm back! Jenae is married! And I somehow did not get a picture with the bride and groom at the reception. Who am I?! Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Dunn!

I am learning so much by being in these weddings, you guys. I'm learning how to give myself an up-do, the right thing to say during a meltdown, how to tie a fisherman's knot, that family/family-in-law dynamics are the most wonderful/hardest/craziest thing, that walking down the aisle takes 1.5 seconds, and that my main job is just to hang and enjoy, and help the bride enjoy even more. 

This wedding was so Jenae! Every single piece of it, from the Vans to the concerns to the "Pitbull's Greatest Hits" playlist (after the ceremony us 'maids kept saying: just cupcakes and Pitbull from here on out, ladies!) It is such a warm fuzzy to have a celebration for your best friend be the personification of her. Also shout-out to my bestie for giving us THE MOST COMFORTABLE bridesmaid ensemb to wear. I don't think I will ever be more comfortable in a wedding (least of all my own!)

Jenae & I are always so goofy (not that we don't love each other, hug evidence above ^) that it was very strange/emotional to tell her how beautiful and happy she looked. I'm just really happy for her. She's been looking for Daniel since the moment I met her (she was lamenting that another guy at our school liked another girl ;) really stoked to hang with the DUNN's, whenever that happens next. 

And I feel a little inappropriate saying this, but once again: hanging with Jenae and Daniel's whole family (<3 <3), and my parents a little bit, and other guests (HEY Miss Kellner and Spencer Look!) was such a highlight. 

Another highlight- the most perfect California backdrop. The weather there is UNREAL you guys. Santa Cruz felt like paradise on earth. Being at the beach on Saturday night & actually needing the warmth of a bonfire-I had COMPLETELY forgotten how that feels. And check that ^ day-of-the-wedding sunshine where Jenae is sitting on the balcony. But TN, you know I love ya. 

Your girl is 2 for 2 for crying throughout the wedding weekend. Though, I didn't cry as much as, say, <3 Daniel <3 which was precious in every way (just ask my mom.) 

And with that, wedding #2 of 4 in 2015 is history (here's my recap of #1!) You can't really "recap" being in a wedding; especially not in my current mental capacity, so that's why I'm in bed at 8:46pm. Kbye. 


reshma said...

Loving that picture with the sunset/clouds in the back drop. Seems like an amazing wedding!

Unknown said...

Oh Priya it sounds so lovely. So beautiful to read about stopping the goofiness with your friend (that's not quite your words) but I know exactly what you mean - I have this with James every now and then as the two of us mess around so much, it's always nice when those moments of sincerity shine through in a friendship. And so adorable to hear everybody was crying throughout. Congratulations to your friend!!!!! XX

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Aww, this looks like such a beautiful wedding weekend Priya! I can't wait to see my best friends get married someday. I haven't decided if I want a wedding or just a private ceremony with my man and I but seeing pictures and videos of my favorite YouTubers getting married makes me want a small one maybe! I have to go to a few more to decide :)

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