#MrsSuarezEnFuego Weekend!

These four photos were done by the wonderful Sheldon Chu Photography (Facebook // Blog)

I'm back from another whirlwind bachelorette/bridal shower weekend! And feeling, again, so thankful, to have best friends back home waiting for me. 

Jacqui and I met at the very start of high school- and became fast friends. Throughout high school we were in yearbook, track, and various classes together; and I ended up spending a lot of time at her house, with her family, whom I adore. Jacqui has three younger brothers and a Mom with a great sense of humor, which makes her an amazing friend- I can't recall ever getting in even a tiff! I know this is going to make her an amazing wife to Matt, as well! Who, is a firefighter...

So we went with a #MrsSuarezEnFuego theme (her offish wedding hashtag is #TheNewMrsSuarez.) Katie and Carissa, Maid and Matron of Honor, respectively, did an amazing job with the goodies and details to make the weekend a success. And I got to help some which I absolutely loved :) 

We spent Friday night and most of Saturday in San Luis Obispo for the bachelorette, and then showered Jacqui on Sunday at her aunt's awesome house in Oakland. Oh my goodness it was so good being in California. I haven't been in SLO since probably this trip, and man, that central coast is a GEM! Where we stayed on the coast was gorgeous, I had one of the best meals of my life in downtown SLO on Friday, and we kicked off Saturday morning swimming and hot tubbing, with cinnamon french toast right after. It was all kinda amazing. I am now planning an epic California road-trip with Huntee, starting in San Diego (where Sundar will be) and flying out of Portland!

We ended up having about half the bridesmaids in attendance for the bach, and I've said it before, but I'll say it a million times- I love meeting and hanging out with best friends of my best friends. They are pre-screened and marvelous! So fun to hang with Nicole and Jacqui's cousins Anelise & Caroline ("the girls", as we kept calling them :) 

I spent the whole weekend in a delirious state, after getting into Oakland at 3AM on Thursday (and bless Galina who picked me up.) But, as is the case for a bridal weekend, you just have to rally! Maybe I was funnier than normal because I was so dang tired ;)

And in the midst of all the bridal festivities, I was able to attend a family dinner at home on Saturday (Peanut just returned from Europe, Sundar from driving across the country from Florida, and Amir), this ended with me falling asleep on the couch. I spent Sunday after the shower in the city with Peanut, having dinner, and drinking champagne in her bed while watching a movie. Some of my favorite times! Monday before I left I even squeezed in some hangs/lunch with Sundar and Tuppy. Thank goodness my friends are getting married where my family also lives!

Jacqui- we love you!! Let the countdown to #TheNewMrsSuarez begin! 

more pictures from the bach and shower, by me!


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Oh man, I LOVE SLO! My bestie went to Cal Poly and I went to visit her for the weekend. I could totally live there. This sounds like a wonderful wedding weekend with lots of family time packed in too! Gotta love the Cali vibe.

reshma said...

The shower looks so fun and I love all the little details in the decor. And I like how you pointed out that best friends of your best friends are "prescreened and marvelous!" So true!

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