Sisters Who Crop

IMG_9350_zpsgqgucnl8IMG_9352_zps6rowwhjfIMG_9346_zpsdzkpp97o | top: Aritzia via Carina | shorts: H&M | sandals : gift (Target) | purse: Target | watch: c/o JORD |

Good Wednesday to you! I mention my sister Carina to some capacity in nearly every post. I'm #blest that many of my most fabulous hand-me-downs come directly from her. This top being no exception. She purchased it in this size first, (and this is so Carina, you guys) ended up going back for the smaller size, and "never got around" to returning the bigger one. Which she then gave to me. This, along with this skirt, being one of the carefully curated hand-me-downs she gave me last time I visited her. 

I wore this Sunday night; when I went out to dinner with Carina and Huntee at Chauhan Ale & Masala House. If you're in Nashville and have never been: GO! It's mostly authentic Indian food, with some Southern/British fusion thrown in, and their house-made craft beers. And the place itself is too cool. I should've thought twice about the crop top + big dinner thing, but oh well. I was excited to wear these shorts again, because I haven't worn them since last time

And look who I got to jump in some outfit photos with me!!
Peanut! Also notable is that we're wearing our matching jean jackets. Sometimes this blog feels like a love letter to my jacket. I've told the story of this jacket several times on the blog, even done a remix with it, but I swear I still love it more with every wear. 

In case you hadn't heard; Carina bought one for herself, and soon after one for me, for about $20 from Gap, in probably 2004. 11 years later (according to our estimation), they're still going strong, and I'll never ever get rid of mine! When I saw she brought hers to Nashville, I knew we had to get some pictures. And I didn't get her other outfit details, sorry. <3 


Larissa said...

Wow, you look really sexy in this outfit! I fear that I can never wear crop tops again since my belly is a little baggy now after pregnancy. But thats okay ;)
You look really really fabulous dear Priya!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

you and your sister are too cute. your are rocken that crop top


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

These pictures are so cute!! I was going to ask if you were wearing matching jackets but thought it impossible since you've had yours for so long! I love when crop tops just show the SLIGHTEST of skin. Looks so classy and stylish.

Andi said...

You guys are adorable! Sisters are the best, especially when they give you clothes!

reshma said...

This outfit is absolutely adorable on you! Love the crop top and it's so nice to get clothes from your siblings. My sister is younger than me and I'm actually always stealing her clothes. You are and your sister looks so cute in your matching jean jackets... 11 years? wow!

Priya said...

Thank you! I think you would actually find one very comfortable with the right high-waisted bottom. Try one out :)

Priya said...

Haha, right?? We will have them foreverrrrr

Brynn said...

My goodness, you and Carina are so cute together! I wish I had a sister... haha. Okay, but seriously...this outfit is AMAZING. Your top looks phenomenal on you, and those leopard shorts are just gorgeous! Ugh. You're just so cute.

Priya said...

You are so sweet Brynn, thanks so much!

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