A Pin For The Win: striped button-up

| necklace: Amazon | button-up: Old Navy via Katy | blazer: F21 | jeans: Seven For All Mankind | flats: Report via Carina | 

And in today's episode of "Clothes I've Swapped That I Love", presenting, this button-up! Katy is on my short list of "people I work with that I'm not friends with but I wish I were" and has this really cool, effortless-bordering-outdoorsy style. Naturally I jumped at the chance to steal one of her button-ups, with no repercussions, at our recent office clothing swap.

I've already worn this button-up several times, and find myself wanting to pair it with everything: denim shorts, a floral skirt, there's nothing it can't do!

This outfit was completely inspired by this pin, by the incomparable Sydney (she may or may not have had a cameo in my dream last night :| the blogging is really getting to me, guys!) As soon as I got this button-up, I knew I had to do it! Honestly, it may be the exact same one. Anyway, how'd I do?

I have an entire pinboard of "Outfits To Try!", that I'm determined to build out of my own closet. Something about my recent re-declaration of style strategy has given me new vigor to actually put those pretty pins to work. If you have a similar thing going on Pinterest (or otherwise), share it with me! All the outfits I accomplish re-creating then go on the "A Pin For The Win" board, check that out too!

As you're reading this, I'm knee-deep in hosting my twin brothers for the weekend. I'm totally thrilled that they're here! We're making the most of the few days by going to Nashville's free music festival every night (tonight: Passion Pit!), checking off my last few Summer goals (#selfmotivated), and of course, plenty of Nashville eats. 

Hope you're enjoying your weekend! And if not, it was only a four-day work week, so we didn't do much to earn it anyway! 


nicole s. said...

you've been killing it with these chic buttoned up work to girls night out looks!

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

LOVE this outfit oh so much! It's so freaking chic, Priya!! I love that you had a dream with a blogger in it! I've dreamed about actually blogging, like writing stuff on my computer, but never with other bloggers in my dreams! Sounds like of fun!

Meghan @ Hayes Days said...

This feels so relaxed and classic at the same time. The layered cardigan over the collared top is one of my favorite looks.

Larissa said...

I just love button ups and I could wear them everyday. Somehow they are this perfect blend of elegant and cool depending on how you wear them. I love the way you styled this one here!
Sending much love!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

You are rocking the striped shirt Priya! I like hearing the stories behind pieces of clothing. Knowing that you're getting so much use from that shirt means you made a great choice!! And ok, I'll admit, I clicked on your Pinterest board---to see if you pinned any of my outfits!! hahahaha super lame, I know. But I found the lace tank outfits! I hope you create one of those or use it as inspiration in some way. That board is packed full of beautiful outfits. Don't be surprised when you see all the repins I plan on doing tonight!

reshma said...

An office clothing swap... sounds like such a great idea! This look reminds me of a girly take on a men's inspired look. Love it!

I really like the idea of having a pinterest board of inspiration and then having another board where you document looks you've already done! I have a similar board for "Pinned & Cooked" because I'm constantly pinning reciepes and thought it was about time I get in the kitchen and start making some of them. But I never thought to apply that to my Style boards. Great idea!

Priya said...

I definitely haven't spent enough time going through your blog and pinning outfits. I'm always reading it, but I have to be looking at a blog with the mindset of pinning outfits, or I don't do it! I go through spurts and I know I'll get to yours :)

Priya said...

:D thanks Nicole!

Priya said...

Haha, I'm glad you think it's fun and not creepy. Thanks Sara!!

Priya said...

Definitely try it out! I find it a more real-life application of stuff that I pin, otherwise it just sits there forever!

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