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top down: Pensacola Beach FL, Pismo Beach CA, Andrea's bridal shower, Bowie Nature Park, Captain Huntee on Centerhill Lake, The Parthenon, Folly Beach SC, Rock Island

Officially, as of today: Summer is totally over, y'all. I know better than to get too excited about the glorious weather we've been having in Nashville, because we will no doubt relapse into Summer heat; but the season, and therefore the window for my Summer Bucket List '15 is OV-AH. 

I made this list at the start of the Summer mostly to take advantage of the season, and actually DO some of those things I always find myself saying I want to do but never actually doing. You can read that original post right here.

It was a grand, busy, humid, fantastic Summer over here. 

Let's take a look at my report card for that bucket list:
*I like to think of Memorial Day & Labor Day as the beginning and end of Summer, but I did give myself a little extra time on these because, you know, idowhatiwant. Also today is the first day of Autumn so, seems legit!

  • go camping | Nope. Unfortunately this just didn't happen this Summer. But the weather is just now getting nice, so maybe we can still do this before it gets too cold. 
  • go to a fair | DONE! I visited the Tennessee State Fair a few weekends ago when the twins came to town. It had all the livestock, deep-fried oreos and skee ball of my dreams!
  • berry-picking | Nope. I think by the time I realized I needed to do this, the season was over? This is something you really need to plan ahead for. Next year.
  • beach trip with Huntee | Not yet. BUT I can almost give myself a check because we have a trip to the 30A area of Florida planned for the second weekend of October and I just can't wait!
  • ombre my hair! | DONE! I did this on my 24th birthday, back in June, and have been loving it all Summer long. My hairdresser (Olive at Trim, Nashvillians!) told me it would lighten up, and it has! I've gotten so many compliments on it and really enjoyed it (outfit photos where you can see it.)
  • go to the farmer's market, make a meal with fresh ingredients | Nope. This is something I've been wanting to do for a while and I honestly didn't visit a farmer's market all Summer. Boo.
  • canoeing/ca-brewing | DONE! Hunter and I took Dave's kayaks out for a spin in June, then we went again for Andrea's birthday in July. This honestly might be the best Summer activity. 
  • spend an entire day outside | Nope. I almost want to give myself a pass on this, because I know I came close; but I never intentionally did it. Plus half the goal in this is to lose track of time. Nope.
  • put on temporary tattooes | DONE! This silly thing is one of my favorites. I put one on that I'd had sitting around forever, from Katie, one day just because. We also wore them for Jacqui's bachelorette.
  • plan an awesome patriotic ensemble for the 4th | DONE! The weather on the 4th really put a damper on the activities, but I still salvaged an outfit I was pretty pleased with.
  • go to a Sounds game | DONE! Through some partner at my office we managed to get several sets of free tickets (and one for Hunter's company outing.) The new stadium is a blast, and I look forward to doing this next Summer! 
  • visit at least five TN State Parks | DONE! Ok, so one of them was just a park. Counting it! This Summer I visited: Cummins Falls, Bowie Nature Park, Bells Bend, Fall Creek Falls, and Rock Island. The perfect activity for an adventure Saturday. TN does have so much natural beauty to offer! 
  • go to an outdoor concert | DONE! We spent every evening of the weekend when the twins were in town at Nashville's own Live on the Green, enjoying Rodrigo y Gabriella, Passion Pit, & Ben Folds.
  • road-trip! | DONE! Though I didn't road-trip just for the sake of road-tripping; at the start of the Summer Carina & I went down to FL, returning through New Orleans, I went down to Florida for Sundar's graduation again in July, and then to Charleston in August for #AndreasFinalFiesta.
  • spend a day on a lake | DONE! We did this in June with a bunch of friends, then again in August when Coren, Marisol, and Carina came to town. Two more of the BEST Summer days.
  • make a Summer cocktail | DONE! Two weeks ago on the opening day of college football, I made a drink called "The Rocky Top" (orange-y with a sugar rim) for our little get together to watch Tennessee play. It was a real hit! This was modeled after the drink that Jacqui's fab Aunt Peggy made at her bridal shower. If anyone is interested in this (simple, made-up, and crowd-pleasing) recipe, just let me know! 
  • sit outside and read | DONE! Now that I really think about it, I know I did this more than once. But two weeks ago, when my bucket list was in crunch time, I headed into the courtyard of my complex to start The Choice by Nicholas Sparks (Amanda gave it to me and told me I had to read it.)
  • actually DO a trivia night | DONE! We had turned this into somewhat of a routine at the start of the Summer, trying several different restaurants with Hunter and a few of his friends. I even got them to call our team "Beyoncé & Friends" one time :) trivia is totally fun. 
  • complete the Bikini Body Guide | DONE! I did my last workout this past week after 16 weeks of this plan! I can't say I noticed any huge changes (didn't lose any weight), but I do feel stronger and more toned. More than anything, I'm proud of myself for sticking with it and finishing the whole thing! It definitely taught me what kind of strength exercise I enjoy. If anyone wants to know more about this, let me know in the comments! 
  • try a pretty (new!) up-do | DONE! I've been feeling a little meh about the current mid-length of my hair, and like most everyone, it's either up in a pony or down. I finally tried somewhat of an up-do for Live on the Green last week! I could really stand to be more creative in this department. 
  • visit an amusement park | Nope. This would have called for a bigger road-trip (the closest one to me is Dollywood?) and amidst all the travel this Summer, it didn't happen. Darn! 

Did you make a Summer Bucket List? How'd it turn out? I would love to hear what your best adventure of the Summer was! 

Now with Summer 2015 respectfully laid to rest, it's time for the resounding heart eyes of the best part of the entire year.

You know what I'm talking about. 


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Priya, you did AMAZING on your summer bucket list!!! Most of these items were crossed off, some even more than once! I'd say you did pretty darn amazing. A theme park may have been a bit too hot in the summer anyway. Is The Choice the one with the dog on the cover? About the mysterious neighbor? I don't think I've read that one yet!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

So happy you got a lot of item marked off you summer bucket list.


Priya said...

Thank you! It was a busy but really fun Summer. I'm glad I made the list, and glad I was able to do a lot of it!! Yes- The Choice has the dog on the cover! That was my first Nicholas Sparks novel, actually. I suppose I would recommend it, I needed something to read while I was traveling so I figured, why not?

reshma said...

I was really happy to see this post. I actually found the my summer bucket list I had made in my journal, shortly after I started following your blog. I took some time to reflect on what things on my list I had accomplished and a couple I may still be able to squeeze in before October.

You will definitely have to share the recipe for "The Rocky Top" cocktail. My husband is a huge fan of TN and he would probably love it. I'm not very good at trivia at all, but I love game nights. And great job on sticking with and completing the Bikini Body Guide.

Seems like a successful report card to me! :)

Priya said...

Reshma I am so happy to hear that! You can definitely keep working on them, I sure am! I think my biggest goal was just to DO things that I've been wanting to do.

I didn't realize y'all were Vols fans too!! I would love to blog the recipe. I am not a mixologist by any means, but I love attempting!

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