#thenewmrssuarez Wedding Weekend!


And for the next wedding weekend of 2015, Jacqui and Matt had an absolutely gorgeous ceremony this past Friday, September 18th. The sentiment I felt most about it was something I said to her more than once (both in person and in writing, the bridesmaids made her a scrapbook!); I felt honored to be a part of it all.

Jacqui and I became instant best friends when we met at the start of high school. We've kept in touch since, writing letters and seeing each other when possible; but I was really thinking back and missing some of the crazy things we did in HS. Her bridesmaids spanned across friendships throughout her life, cousins, high school, and college; which is pretty cool! I absolutely adore her family (and the extended family I've now met) so it was a blast hanging with them this weekend too!

Then there's the cool thing of your other close friends being in the bridal party, Katie and Carissa were the maid and matron of honor, respectively, and I loved being with them (top left photo), and their respective beaus.

The ceremony and reception were at a winery in Morgan Hill (peep that in the above photos) which was insanely beautiful. California, you guys. California makes my heart sing. Everything about the wedding was all gold, white, and stripes (gorgeous) and I can't wait to eventually share some pics because girlfriend's got taste!

I also managed to squeeze in an allergy test (#stillonmyparentsinsurance ftw), wine tasting in Napa, and a great evening at my parent's house with my friends. Now that I think about it, (and as pretentious as this is gonna sound), I only drank local wine this weekend and it was the besttttt.

Hunter joined me for the long weekend which was great- in terms of having a travel buddy AND a wedding date. It's such a weird, special, and important thing having him meet and spend time with people who have influenced the person I've become.

I didn't really sleep this weekend so I'm off to do some of that.

Congratulations, Jacqui & Matt! Love you guys, and thanks for letting me be a part of your special day!

2015 has been all weddings on weddings on weddings and it is the MOST FUN. 


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Another successful wedding weekend! You look absolutely stunning Priya! I bet it was nice to have Hunter there for the big day. My best friend from childhood is getting married in May and while I'm not in the wedding, I'm excited to see her on her big day!

Priya said...

aww thank you so much! It's pretty fun to get your hair + make-up done every now and then! I was sooo happy to have him as my date! I'm sure that will be a lot of fun, since you've known her for so long.

Larissa said...

Wowie, so many weddings this year! So when will it be your turn ;)? You look super lovely like on all the wedding pictures I have seen - you seem to be the perfect brides maid!

Priya said...

Haha, GREAT question! Thanks Larissa, I'm trying!!

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