Game On.

| jacket: Gap | tee: UO via Shelby | jeans: Old Navy | flats: Old Navy | 

Game on. A good motto for life, an excellent motto for this week!

Last night, as I stopped in a frenzied costume store to gather the last two pieces for my costume tonight, I realized: things don't slow down at this time of year. They only speed up! Every year, it seems like after Halloween hits, it's full speed ahead 'til January after New Years. So I guess what I'm trying to say (most of all, to myself, because I am perpetually looking forward) is: the best and craziest part of the year is afoot, 2016 is almost over. GAME ON. 

I also realized [disclaimer: as much as I love hanging with my fam and the luxury of going home for Thanksgiving] I am relieved to not be traveling to California for Thanksgiving this year. I made so many trips home this year that I'm not feeling homesick quite yet, I have some big travel planned for Christmas, and it's kinda relaxing to know I'll have a few days off here in town. 

Tonight I'll be playing school nurse in our volunteer haunted house. I spent my weekend in an stale smelling gym ripping old sheets and spraying blood capsules everywhere, and I am so pleased with how things turned out! I have a theatrical soul that will always love costumes, lights, special effects, etc. I'll try really hard to get some pictures to share with you guys.

Notes on this outfit: I've never mentioned on perfectlyP that I love and collect pins! I like picking them up, pretty much everywhere I go, and then pinning them everywhere. I actually found this one in my office a couple weeks ago. When my co-workers return from conferences, you can expect to stumble upon a table full of the swag they've collected. I believe that's where this came from, though I can't be sure :)

Hunter told me this was a deviant of my usual style, and like something I should wear to a concert. I don't disagree- though I can never get enough of bright color combos and sweet prints, like every girl, sometimes I want to wear ripped black jeans and my faithful jean jacket. And that's the cool thing about fashion- you can do whatever you want. 

Oh- and this sweet necklace I've been rocking lately was my bridesmaids gift from Jacqui! I've barely taken it off since her wedding. That's how you know you've given a great bridesmaid gift.

P.S. I wore this originally when Galina was in town, for dinner and drinks at Hunter's new place. The bride-and-groom-to-be also stopped by! But I also wore this same thing yesterday- just with a different tee and shoes. A favorited formula, for sureeee. Have a great rest of your Hallo-week!


Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

So true! The next two months feel like two weeks because they go by so fast! I need to pick up some presents for people before everything is gone! That t-shirt is super adorable!
Sincerely, Sara

reshma said...

I totally agree, game on! Time to get into the festive spirit and have fun at all the holiday parties!

Btw, I love simple and delicate necklaces like that as well. Seems like your friend has great taste! ;)

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Such a cute casual outfit Priya! My outfit for tomorrow's post is super casual too and I feel weird posting it because I didn't "dress for the blog." But when we show our typical outfits, others get to know us better right? hahaha Are you going to Cali for Christmas at all this year??

Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

First of all, you are just so so pretty! That lipstick looks awesome on you! Secondly, I am so with you about the full-speed-ahead thing until the end of the year! How is it almost Thanksgiving!? Thirdly, I like the casual/rocker vibes of this outfit. Super cute!

Linda said...

You look radiant, such a beautiful smile! Lovely outfit. :)

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