Monthly Goals, October

Spent the weekend whipping through these Tennessee backroads and I did not mind! 

Hi! October felt two seconds long. Like I mentioned last week, I recently got pulled into a bunch of new stuff at work (coinciding with my two year anniversary at Emma! woo-hoo!) which has been busy busy and exciting. Otherwise this past month I had my usual- guests in town, wedding festivities, and a pretty decent showing at my monthly goals for the year.

Hunter and I took a super quick weekend trip to the 30A area of Florida. I have no live music to account for - maybe the first time all year! My sister Galina came to visit me for a week. My one word motto for the month was confident, I couldn't have planned that better with Demi Lovato's jazzy new single making its' debut! My main angle here was to enjoy being myself (and not be skittish), more about that here. I'll give myself a B- for actually making it happen, but still, it was a good reminder. I re-listened to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo because it's that good. I can't say it's a happy or uplifting read, but the story will totally grip you- you MUST read it if you haven't! And finally, I wrote two letters this month and have three more on the docket to go out soon!

Nicole at writes like a girl is hosting a montly link-up for goals! I'm so glad somebody finally did this- I love this aspect of blogging, and getting to share keeps me even more motivated and accountable. Be sure and check out the link-up, and cheer us on, if you like! 

And I think this is a great time to share my one word motto for November: patience. Have I really, truly not used it yet for this year?? Probably because I know just how challenging it will be, you see, patience is my own personal vice. But I already had a couple opportunities to put this into action! I am seriously shocked I haven't picked this word yet. Anyway. Wish me luck.

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reshma said...

Patience can definitely be a tough one! I pretty much struggle with this one on a daily basis, esp at work. So good luck this month... I'm confident you'll do well! Happy November! :)

Unknown said...

i am definitely checking out those goal list..and patience is something i need to practice more of.

nicole s. said...

Patience is such a great word for November! I feel like there's a lot to look forward to, and it's also pretty stressful, for being patient with time and being patient with others is definitely applicable.

Wishing you luck (and patience!) this month!!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

I think it takes much longer than a month to boost confidence right? As for this month, patience is a great one. I wish you the best of luck!

Priya said...

I didn't even consider the aspect of being patient with time. Great thought!

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