Weekend Update: #ethanlovesandrea Wedding!


Well I'm still feeling warm fuzzies (not to mention, recovering) from Ethan and Andrea's wedding over the weekend! The festivities set the bar HIGH for probably the most fun wedding I've ever been to. Which we KNEW was going to happen, since we celebrate with Andrea's fantastic family (and many family-like-friends) on the reg. I was SORE on Sunday from dancing from approximately 9pm-1am, and no I'm not joking. 

I also got to witness and be a part of my first Catholic wedding ceremony. It was beautiful- and not as hard to follow as I thought it might be. 

Being in a wedding with Huntee was just as much fun as advertised. Not that I haven't enjoyed meeting & getting paired with different guys throughout the year, but walking down the aisle with Huntee just felt RIGHT ;) plus, my dancing partner was always right there (and tearing UP the floor to his favorite Latin hits. I wish you guys could have seen him.) 

I hope these selfies etc. will suffice for now, and I definitely hope to share the legit photographs later! The top middle photo is not the best, but I just wanted to share that Kelley (MY Kelley!), plus another friend from work, Helana, did the hair and make-up for the wedding! They did a stellar job, and how fun is that??

Ethan & Andrea- we LOVE you guys! Thanks for inviting Hunter & I to be a part of your big day. We'll be waiting at your apartment when you get back from your honeymoon (am I joking? Maybe!)

And with that- I am hanging up my bridesmaid's hat, for now anyway. 

                                                                                                                       in case you're curious: Amanda // Jenae // Jacqui


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Aww, I love this! It must feel so great to be part of such a good friend's special day. How special that you and Hunter got to be in the wedding together. Gives you a little taste of maybe what's to come? ;)

Priya said...

Let's HOPE SO :) it was really fun.

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