That's a Wrap!

| sweater: from Lauren (Express) | top: stolen from my little brother | skirt: Old Navy | purse: Kate Spade | booties: Target |

Hi everyone! Happy (albeit, belated) Thanksgiving! I hope yours was cozy and delicious. I stuck around town for this extra long weekend; and though I missed my crazy family on Thursday, it's been nice just hanging around and not traveling.

This is what I wore last weekend, when Hunter & I road-tripped to see Amir in Davidson, NC. And that's a wrap sweater. I actually took time to pack smart- and lived in a few pieces all weekend (stay tuned for that packing post!) 

This outfit proved to be perfect for Sunday- visiting Amir's church, and brunch at Cracker Barrel before hitting the road back to Nashville. I wanted something that would easily transition to a comfy road-trip outfit, and it worked: I just swapped the skirt for my Zella leggings and changed shoes, easy! 

Glad to finally debut this mega-cozy sweater on the blog, I've been absolutely living in it lately. Last year Lauren mentioned getting rid of it, and I think I just commented with how yummy it looked, and she sent it to me! Isn't she the sweetest?! It's a big bulky sweater for sure; but I've found that belting it can make it look like a structured layer (instead of making you look like Bigfoot.) So thanks again, Lauren, for sending this to me! I mostly wear it with sweats at home and that's why it's just now appearing on my blog ;)

Other notes about this outfit: this skirt is the sister of this skirt (love 'em both. Must style with tights.) I purchased two pairs of brown booties this Fall, these Target ones have been the MVP so far (ironically the other pair are the gorgeous and real leather Sam Edleman Petty's!) Shout-out to Tarif (Amir's twin) who I stole this flannel from! Some of my favorite clothing items have been stolen from him (see: Scooby Doo shirt [will be included in this packing capsule.])

We had a really lovely time with Amir in NC. It was so good seeing him, if only just to see some family around Thanksgiving time! I can't believe he's nearing his last semester of college. I remember dropping him off with my mom like it was yesterday! One thing we did was go to a Davidson basketball game (better late than never!) This picture is right after they beat College of Charleston in a super exciting game. W-I-L-D-C-A-T-S! 
Hope y'all are are in the middle of a superb long weekend- soak up every minute of that vacation! Thanks for reading! 


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

That sweater looks so good on you! It is super cozy huh? I absolutely love this and love you, sweet friend!

Priya said...

THE coziest. You're the sweetest <3 <3 thankful for you!

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

I need a sweater like that ASAP because coziness! You look warm and cute!
Glad you had a fun Thanksgiving!
Sincerely, Sara

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