SmileBrilliant Review {pre-whitening}

So here's something I've never written about on perfectly Priya before: being insecure about my teeth! While it would be nice to look like Gigi Hadid, I am, for the most part, comfortable with being me. That being said, though almost all my siblings had braces at some point, my parents don't love me enough my teeth were always "good enough" to not be in dire need. So I never got 'em, the result being a really crowded mouth, that could also benefit from some whitening.

When SmileBrilliant reached out to me recently about trying their at home whitening system, I happily agreed, because who doesn't want whiter teeth?? I've only experiemented with teeth whitening very minimally (I mean like, Target brand white strips in college that did nothing) so I was very curious to see how the overall process and result worked out.

SmileBrilliant employs a method of whitening only available previously in the dentist's office (for $500+) In comparison, a SmileBrilliant kit starts at $120, and offers 7-14 applications (depending on how long you leave your trays on!)

The process begins with creating your own custom trays. SmileBrilliant provides the supplies, you simply create a mold, and mail it back. I had no idea what I was doing, but found the process to be well-explained and relatively simple.

Shortly after I recieved my kit in the mail: trays, whitening gel, and sensitivity gel (more on that below.)

So far, I have done four treatments, mostly in the evenings, while I do stuff around the house. You can leave the trays on as long as you want, though they recommend starting at about 15 minutes and going up from there. So far, I've still only gone up to about 30 minutes- but I've had positive results, without any issues, so I anticipate my next sessions to be significantly longer.

My biggest hesitation in whitening was a couple areas of sensitivity (in addition to crowded teeth, I have exposed roots on molars on both sides- a really winning combo.) The great thing is that SmileBrilliant supplies desensitizing gel that you use after whitening, for this specific reason. After application, you don't rinse or wipe it off, so it keeps working...forever? That's the kind of desenstizing help I need with my teeth! I really haven't noticed discomfort on my sensitive areas after four treatments.

I am really pleased that even after the first two treatments I've noticed a difference in my smile! I plan to do a more comprehensive review (with pros & cons, and a decision if I would actually buy this myself) when I finish the process completely, with a stunning before and after photo (the best part of anything.) But here's my before photo, at least!
Thanks to SmileBrilliant for providing me with a whitening kit to review! All opinions are my own.

If you've had an experience with at home (or otherwise) teeth whitening, I would love to hear about! 
Especially if you've tried SmileBrilliant before, tips & tricks appreciated!

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Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

I never got braces either because my mom couldn't afford it for me or my brothers. Luckily my teeth are okay, though I wish the bottom ones were straighter. But I've also wanted whiter teeth. I've tried stuff before, but it never really works. This sounds like it's really awesome!!
Sincerely, Sara

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Your teeth look amazing! I didn't have braces either (my mom didn't want me to have them for some reason...) Anyway, your teeth don't look crowded at all! Does it leave your teeth sensitive at all? I was afraid to try it because any whitening products I use leave my teeth in so much pain!

Priya said...

I have definite sensitive spots on two of my molars, but I haven't had any trouble. I actually haven't been applying the gel in the back part of my mouth, but when I did, the desensitizing gel really helped!

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