Mrs. President

| sunglasses, necklace, coat: H&M | button-up: Brooks Brothers via Mom | leggings: Target | flats: Old Navy | 

I am super excited to be sharing the first set of photos I took with my friend Caitlin a couple weeks ago! Caitlin and I went to university together (fun fact: I actually hosted her on an official visit when she was still in high school), and have remained friends throughout and after. If her name looks familiar around here, it's probably because she shot Amanda's wedding photos last March (and since then had her own lovely wedding that I was delighted to attend, so some names may have changed :) 

Caitlin texted me at the start of the year, asking if I'd be interested in trying out her new lens. Bloggers- you might know what this is like- I jumped at the chance, and am SO pleased at how the photos turned out. We shot in the 12 South neighborhood (so many awesome backgrounds) one cloudy afternoon. 

Apart from getting some exceptional photos for my blog, I also enjoyed putting together the looks we shot. Caitlin told me to go in whatever direction I liked (I know- where to even start!), and the four outfits ended up being a pretty perfect capsule of my personal style, if I do say so myself. 

Generally I started each outfit by picking out one piece in my closet that I absolutely love (or that absolutely represents a style I love- graphic tees, for example) and the first one I had in mind was this coat. And I didn't intend to style it back-to-back on the blog, but here we are! I'm also wearing this exact outfit today to work- which rarely happens! So just some good, good stuff all around. 

Life lately just seems to be about the tiny things that make me happy- this coat is one of them. Go ahead and call me names! But when the weather is gray, it's not so bad if my coat is so bright. I strutted into the office this morning, feeling a little bit like Jackie Kennedy, or maybe like I could run for president, and immediately got a sweet compliment from one of my co-workers :) 

The rest of the look is fairly simple- but there's something about this silhouette I adore and feel fabulous in: pointy flats + leggings + oversized top + fitted coat. Definitely filing this formula away for another time! I know I could do it just as easily with my Zella leggings or another pair of mixed media ones I have (that have never been on my blog?? how?) 

SO thanks Caitlin! Nashvillians or otherwise, if you're looking for gorgeous photos and a wonderful gal to spend some time with, Caitlin is your girl (contact her --> CaitlinNatusch@gmail.com.) 

Stay tuned for the rest of the photos from this set! Have a great Wednesday. 

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Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Very Chic outfit. BTW I so want you jacket.


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