Current State of the Union, 2.29.16

Currently / life:
+ I don't have anything super exciting to share with you guys. I've been hanging in town on the weekends, babysitting and trying to save for Paris, and very lately LOVING the nearly Spring weather. I'm almost completely (two boxes left!) settled into my new place and absolutely loving it. This house is so cozy, bright, and charming. Maybe I'll share photos at some point.
+ I'm nearly two months in to training for the SF Marathon in July, and having some serious sensitivity in my right shin (I earned myself two nasty stress fractures running in college so I'm predisposed, unfortunately.) In an effort to not ruin myself, I've joined a Lagree Fitness studio with two friends from work for some amazing strength training (if you are looking for a fantastic new workout that will shred you and make you feel awesome- I can't recommend it enough!) And tomorrow, I'm hopping back in the pool (fun Priya fact: I used to swim when I was growing up. Also I hated it.) Hunter was sweet enough to gift & send me one of those adorable racing suits, and I found my old goggles and swim cap. Wish me luck- it is going to totally kick my butt trying to swim laps again!
Currently / wish-listing: 
+ As we speak I have two sizes of these black high-waisted swimsuit bottoms on my bedroom floor (is it a wish-list if I already bought it?) Still deciding between a S or M, but now that I've tried on a high-waisted swimsuit bottom...UH I'm never wearing anything else bye! 
+ So then I feel like I shouldn't spend $39 on ONE set of bottoms when those ^ are $18 (sometimes I just whisper ParisParisParis to myself when I want to shop) but THESE Modcloth bebes are killing me. Art deco. Sea shells?! Quick poll where you tell me I have to buy them: go. Also sorry if this is a weird pelvic shot. 
+ Once again I already bought these Kellen A+ Pumps from Target because they were on sale and I cut off the tags because I was like so cute, comfy heel, I want to wear these tonight and then I totally didn't. The top strap is weird because it's not fitted around the ankle. Anybody have these? Anybody wear a 6.5 and want to trade...Untitled
Currently / beauty: 
+ So I went to Ulta for the first time this weekend- woah! Beauty friend Emma asked me to go with her post NoVo; to check out the new line of NYX liquid lipstick. I'm not one to resist trying a new lip color- so I got one too! This stuff goes on like gloss and STAYS on like matte lipstick (the shade I got is Life's a Beach, BRIGHT coral.) 
+ (clockwise from the NYX lip) My work make-up routine has been pretty simple these days: brows, a slick of mascara, and THIS highlighting blush. It was a total rand-me-down from my boss-mom Christine, and the perfect combination of subtle shimmer, blush, and highlighting.
+ I went two-fer nail polishes with Birchbox (The Color Club polish in That's My Jam) and ipsy (Ciaté London x Olivia Palermo in Sundays- my off duty nude) and promptly gave myself a needed mani-pedi. The Color Club polish dries to a glossy finish on my toes as advertised, and the nude-y pink couldn't be more chic on your fingers (but did require 3+ shades.)  
+ This Royal Apothic Cuppa Cuppa Mask is an OLD Birchbox sample (initial review) that I broke out the other day (I have like zero storage space in my new house so I'm trying to use it up, wear it out...etc.) I have received many masks in my subs, but this has been the one to beat. It smells wonderful and leaves my face feeling dewy. 
+ From Birchbox this month, this Arrow Balm feels super hydrating and apparently "adjusts to enhance the wearer's natural lip color" which is pretty neat (I always notice a very subtle glossy pink.) Like chapstick with a little zing! 

*If you are interested in signing up for ipsy OR Birchbox for $10/month, you can find my referral links here: ipsy // Birchbox. Loads more ipsy/Birchbox product reviews here. *

Currently / pop culture: I've been crushing some music lately.
Don't You- Wet. NOTHING ELSE IN THIS ENTIRE POST MATTERS- go listen to this album. You guys. It is perfect listening during work, a long run, driving, or in the shower (I've tested them all.) My favorite tracks are "It's All in Vain" and "All The Ways" but "You're The Best" and "Don't Wanna Be Your Girl" are their singles? It's all fantastic. Shout-out to Little Peanut for this gem.
+ I have tickets to see Jillian Edwards (who I've loved long time) and Aaron Krause (brand new to me!) on Thursday. Of course I did some research and Aaron Krause's album Holding on to Love is reallll good. "All My Heart" is the title track and probably my fave, "Recreational" also super cool.
+ I have this fantasy where Leon Bridges & I are just hanging out like it's 1960, fighting for rights and wearing Varsity sweaters and generally being classy as hell. I love everything he's doing in Coming Home, and I'm so impressed at how he's made the retro sound contemporary for today.
+ I've been devouring vintage Britney (that sounds terrible!) Just a reminder that Crossroads the movie exists, and its' companion album Britney (and ...Baby One More Time and Oops!... I Did It Again.) I'm becoming convinced that no one gets me like Britney Spears in the '00s.
The Less I Know The Better - Tame Impala this is a song I have listened to five times in one day, it's super good, catchy beyond compare, and Rachel TRIED to tell me.
+ Can we get a moment of silence for the majesty of the ageless unicorn that is Gwen Stefani? I made a tribute playlist called simply "oh, gwen" and you can listen along with me! "Cool" is giving me life day in and day out right now.

P.S. Follow me on Spotify, if you dare, but be prepared for lots of terrible pop music.

What are you getting into in terms of life, pop culture, wish-lists, or beauty? Don't hold out on me- share below! 


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Good luck on the swim!! Swimming is such a great workout. I'm hoping to go to the pool more in the summer. $39 is totally not bad at all for a swim piece! If it fits well and made well, it should last you for years! Also, that lip color is so fun for spring!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Have fun at the show on Thursday.


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, has it really been over a month since I last caught up?! That feels like too long but at the same time I don't recall reading this post or I would have commented saying "YESSSSSS HIGH-WAISTED BIKINI BOTTOMS FORRRRREVER". Seriously, I have an ass the size of Brazil so high-waisted everything is my jaaaammmmmmmm xxx

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