Current State of the Union, 4.29.16

Currently / life:
+ Welp, I can’t really decide if April was better or worse than March. I’m staying super busy, which is supposed to be like, the anecdote to my personal drama, right? In April we had our big work conference, and Stephanie + Tim and Jacqui came to visit- all fun crazy things. Most exciting, lately, is that this afternoon I’m headed to meet Carina in Chicago for sister’s weekend! Can’t decide if I’m more excited for a new city or time with my sis.

Currently / wish-listing: I need to change the name of this category all together to "Recently / purchased:"
+ Vans Late Night Authentic in “donut”- I don’t even feel like I need to rationalize or explain this purchase. 10:00am- a friend sends me the link to these shoes. 10:20am- I have ordered them and they are on their way to me. Doesn’t feel like a super “adult” purchase…but when has that ever stopped me? These make me giddy!
+ I went ham on the opening day of the Marimekko + Target collab, just like I knew I would. I got some lovely home stuff (peep this tablescape!), but my favorite thing has to be the Appelsiini top (still in stock!) The print is fun, and boxy/slightly cropped fit is awesome (I have an XS.) This makes for a fun night out-fit (will be wearing this tonight!)
+ Kate Spade Dani Too heels- can't believe I actually bought them. I'd had my eyes on them for a while when they finally went on an awesome sale on the Kate Spade website. Stay tuned for an outfit post!. Friendly reminder- sometimes you just have to BUY THE SHOES and TREAT YOSELF because no one else is going to do it for you. You're worth it.
+ new jeans- this is actually (the only) wish-list item. It seems vague, but I really just need a couple pairs of skinny jeans; darker blue (possibly distressed) and black, because you always need a fresh black pair. What I'll honestly, probably do is just order a couple pairs of Old Navy Rockstar jeans, because they always work (and at $35 a pop, you almost can't afford not to.)
Currently / pop culture: image via
+ Well, happy Beyoncé week! I feel slightly sacriledgeous even posting about Lemonade because I've only had it for a few days and just watched the film last night...WOW. Sorry was instantly my favorite track, it's like it was written FOR ME RIGHT NOW. Any Bey fans out there?? She's playing in Nashville next week...will I or won't I?
+ I first heard the single from Catch & Release by Matt Simons on our local indie radio station (also called Catch & Release) and was instantly struck by how melancholy and applicable it felt to me. Matt Simons is a new singer-songwriter type (from the Bay Area!), this whole album is lovely, and bonus that there's a groovy techno remix of Catch & Release!
+ Genghis Khan by Miike Snow has absolutely been my jam lately- that beat! You might like it even more after hearing the stat: 1/6 people on earth today can trace their lineage back to Genghis Khan. Honestly the whole album, iii, is worth a listen.
+ I'm a pretty casual Ben Rector fan, but his recent album Brand New is just fun, happy music. Standout tracks include Paris (I mean, the timing!) the intriguing Men That Drive Me Places, and Crazy, which WILL make you smile. Nice work, Ben.
+ I haven't been watching hardly anything, again, but I finally saw Sisters with Tina Fey & Amy Poehler the other night (because I am theee worst at seeing movies.) So fun, funny, and I can't imagine how much fun they had making it.
+ When Jacqui visited she got me into Hart of Dixie again (a show I had picked up once and put back down.) I am such a fan of Rachel Bilson! The show is a guilty pleasure for sure. Not sure living in the South is actually like that :)

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Currently / beauty: clockwise
+ Marc Anthony Argan oil- I’ve started a new hair washing routine to set myself up for the best air dry possible. Part of this is using oil on my ends while my hair is damp. This stuff, originally from ipsy, smells amazing and makes a noticeable difference on haggard ends! It is also super messy. 
 + Elizabeth Mott eyeshadow primer- Nothing is worse than eyeliner or shadow getting creased after a few hours. Generally if I’m really going for it, I’ll use a bb cream or concealer all over my face that doubles as a primer; but when I just need staying power for shadow, I reach for this! Works like a charm.
 + Milk gel brow pencil- This looks tiny because I’ve almost used the whole thing! Like most, I’m obsessed with finding the perfect formula for my brows (would love to hear what you use! Powder? Gel? Pencil? All of the above??) This is the perfect combo of pencil + gel which results in gorg, natural looking brows.
 + PBJ Smoothie Stick- Like I could do a beauty round-up without a lip color. This is a fab berry color, smells awesome, and goes on so creamy. I’m now kinda obsessed with the idea of a lip crayon.
 + ModelCo lip liner- This is a dumb duh, but first of all- lip liner, y’all. If you’re a lazy beauty baby like me…just try it once, promise! What I love about this one is that it’s a very neutral/pinky that can be the base of just about any lip color or product.
 + Marc Jacobs Daisy rollerball- This is mostly a case for perfume rollerballs everywhere, as pointed out by my friend Steph: the perfect way to try out a fragrance (bonus that you can travel with it!) Also Daisy is a wonderful fragrance if you’re not familiar.

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I would love for you to share your latest & greatest life, shopping, pop culture, beauty, etc. etc. moments with me! Alright, I'm out. Have a fabulous weekend, everyone! And you know what? I have a really good feeling about May. 


Unknown said...

Those donut shoes though. Holy crap I need. I have a donut print bodysuit and #noregrets. Donuts are awesome and maybe there should be more donut print in the world. I'll support it. Those glittery heels are absolutely amazing too. Need.

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

NotJessFashion said...

i have no words for Lemonade. Bey was slaaay!


alittlebitofgoldglitter said...

Love your recent purchases! I've got my eyes on those glitter heels now :)

Also, I may not know you personally, but I've enjoyed reading your blog over the past year and the glimpses into your life. I'm sorry for the recent change in your life and the pain that came along with it - I went through a breakup 6 months ago, and I'm still dealing with it, so I know it's very tough. Sending positive vibes & virtual hugs your way!

Priya said...

oh I hope I can see your bodysuit on your blog! I agree, more donut print, always.

Priya said...

Thank you so much for leaving this comment! You'll never know how much I appreciate hearing from readers like you.

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