Buy the Shoes.

| lipstick: Maybelline Colorsensational in Fuchsia Fever |  blouse: Old Navy | jeans: Gap | belt: Target | heels: Kate Spade | 

with photos by Stephanie KB Photo and hair by Amanda McEachern

Ever get stuck inside a week that feels like it's been three weeks long- by Tuesday afternoon? I HAVE! 

This week has been all over the place, geographically and emotionally, as it seems to be lately. I've been house-sitting/dog-sitting, hanging with lots of girlfriends (shout-out KelleyDaniHillaryAndrea!), and getting ready to take off for North Carolina tomorrow afternoon for Amir's graduation weekend! I'll tell you what- I am honestly so looking forward to seeing my parents, my big sister, and Amir. And in the meantime...I'm hustlin'. 

"Every day I'm hustlin'" is such an apt motto for me right now. Another thing I find myself saying constantly is "I'm only human!" More on that later, count on it. Hope your week is going well! 

About a month ago (I don't know how this time passed!) when my girl for life Steph was in town, and she's a photographer, we set out to do a shoot featuring my most exciting and favorite purchase lately, (ever?) these Kate Spade heels, which I believe are Priya personified in a shoe. They are- dare I say- perfectly Priya. New blog slogan- come for the outfits, stay for the jokes. And now I can't even remember what I was talking about...

OH-shoes. I'm not going to be in this season of life forever (glory be), but I will always remember purchasing these shoes, when I had no business to, as the greatest expression of self-love imaginable. Sometimes you just have to buy the shoes for yourself. 

Naturally I freaked out about how to style them. I went super classic and understated- and loved the contrast of boyfriend jeans with glittery heels. My dear friend Amanda also did my hair for me on this day (in a style I wore for 3 days, don't worry.) Thanks again to Amanda & Michael for letting us take over their house (and front porch!) to take these pictures. Guess their house number! :) 

Last thing- and I'm going to try my best to keep this blog from being 100% melodrama but I hope you'll excuse me for a bit- when Steph sent over these photos (also, shout-out to that girl whom I love with my whole heart and who is SUPER talented with that camera), and I looked through them, I was very pleasantly surprised by the laughing photos where I look genuinely happy. The story behind that last photo is Steph had just said to me "Maybe hug your knees into your chest real cute?" I tried and this photo was taken right after I said "Steph, I physically CANNOT do that." You know, just trying to be cute for the blog.

That's all for now. I have another post that I'm really excited about, and will try my best to have it up by this weekend, but my to-do list before I leave town is about a mile long, so we'll see! Thanks for reading. 


Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

OMG THOSE SHOES!!!!! LOVE!!! They're so sparkly and amazing!! You styled them to perfection!
Sincerely, Sara

Sarah | Shades of Sarah said...

I love this!! The shoes, the blouse, the lip color are perfection! I hope you're feeling happier by the day!

~ Sarah | shadesofsarah.com

Edye Nicole said...

LOVE those shoes, Priya!! You look stunning <3

Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

Steph said...

love love LOVE! you. "Look at me, I'm laughing!" <3 <3

reshma said...

Love the shoes!! And especially that lip color... Totally shouts fresh and springy!!

Laila said...

GORGEOUS shoes Priya! They're fantastic! I've been a long time fan of Kate Spade without ever actually owning anything... hopefully that will change one day :)

Kristian said...

I love this outfit- simple, classy but you look like a million bucks! Also, these photos are great. You seem very happy here.

Unknown said...

Knew these were Kate Spade from a mile away, love love love!

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