In Training

| lip: NYX Butter Balm in Ladyfingers | dress: Old Navy | hoodie: an American Eagle relic | purse: Marc Jacobs via Carina (similar to this one) | watch: c/o JORD | kicks: Nike outlet | 

photos by Adriane Smith Creative who I am babysitting for on Friday (!)

If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times: we are truly #blest to live in a day & age where trainers are in style to wear with anything. Trainers & knit dresses have become such a go-to for me lately! Which you already knew, since I posted an almost identical outfit on the blog recently (same dress, different print, different long-sleeve layer). Also, shout-out to Nicole who rocked a dress + trainers combo on her blog this week (and looked real cute doing it, I might add.) 

This ensemble is basically a dream when you're traveling- just in case you need to drop everything and run through the airport at a moment's notice- and trust me, I just tried that out traveling to and from San Diego, when I wore yet another trainers + dress combo. You just can't beat comfort + function that is still on trend! 

This was a super casual outfit for work a few weeks ago. I actually loved just how casual this zip-up (from American Eagle circa 2005. TRULY a relic that I will keep wearing even when the sleeves have holes...because they do...) made the entire look. And pretty sure the hood saved me from a couple monsoon showers. 

I think that's really all I have for you today. If you have a frock + sneaks (like, how many times can I say dress + trainers in one post- there's another one!) that you've shared recently, I would love to see it!

I've been getting together my current states post for June- be sure and check back on Thursday for what I've been into & up-to in June! Have a great rest of your Tuesday!!

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