Current State of the Union: 6.30.16

Currently / life:
+ In June I celebrated probably my most terrifying birthday yet- 25! I survived :) another big hug to everyone who made me feel so loved! I also decided on a mantra of sorts for the year of 25. And you know- it's been a good start to a new age.
+ I am basically a MONTH away from my race [the SF marathon on July 31st] eek! I took training up a notch this month, out of necessity more than anything, and hit 15 miles last Saturday (for the first time in six years I might add.) Training in the humidity for a non-morning person has been a challenge, and I'm super ready to exercise just for fun again. I've also adopted the mantra "sometimes it takes six miles to warm up" which might be mental, and I'm fine with that.
+ I officially booked my flight to Europe this week, which means it's officially happening- and I'm officially broke. The plan is to meet Carina in London (on Sept. 30th) and head over to Germany for Oktoberfest (!) and then to Paris. I am really super excited. And now I'm on a spending freeze (so fun.)
+ And a quick look back at what I wore this month: I pattern-mixed, debuted my Marimekko + Target top, wore all black (and brought back the half-bun), styled tux pants for Summer, and wore a dress + trainers AGAIN.

Currently / pop culture:
+ Revival- Selena Gomez | I have to start out with this because I got to see the Revival tour last week, and I'm an even bigger Selenator now! She has blossomed into such a sexy pop star and this album is pure fire- I mean, how many singles has she had, just from this album?! Plus, if Selena Gomez can get over Justin Bieber...
+ Coloring Book- Chance The Rapper | props to my work friend Logan for keeping me relevant with this (and sending over a copy!) This album has absolutely blown up and rightly so. My favorite track is No Problem (the cameo by Weezy!)
+ 7/27- Fifth Harmony | I'll admit, I rolled my eyes and was uninterested when Fifth Harmony first emerged. But this album is the JAM. I can listen to the first six tracks through when on a long run (the true test.) You've heard Work From Home on the radio, but my current favorite tracks are That's My Girl (my feminist anthem) and This Is The Life. Nice work, ladies!
+ And a couple quick jams for when you need a pick-me-up | All Time Low- Jon Bellion (just try and get this one out of your head), Hell No- Ingrid Michaelson (new-ish single!), Good As Hell- Lizzo (hello girl anthem! She is so fun!)
+ I had just barely started Bloodline (Netflix original) by my last Current States post, and it took a minute to ramp up, but as of this week- WOAH. I watched one episode that revealed more than the entire series had so far! The show follows a family with a load of issues, running an inn in the picturesque Florida Keys. Not sure who to trust (I'm also dying to go to the Keys, stat.)

*if playlists like Beyoncé- vindictive, Chattanooga- the Big Apple, & time to get freaky intrigue you- follow me on Spotify!
Currently / beauty:
+ Urban Decay Naked 3 palette | Funny story about this guy- my brother Coren got it for me for Christmas a few years ago, and I just received it via Marisol at her bachelorette. And it was worth every bit of the wait! I've used it almost every day since and I get the hype, finally. #3 is more rose-gold centered, which I am absolutely fine with.
Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray | Another Birchbox win! I've actually recieved this product twice and I'm not sure why I haven't purchased it? I borrowed this while getting ready with a friend the other night and remembered how much I love it. It's advertised as "a great alternative to dry to shampoo", and it really is- the perfect way to volumize and hold your hair after styling, AND it smells great!
Becca Highlighter in Champagne Pop | "work friend Kelley" (now just life friend, btw) gifted me this for my birthday and it really IS the most lovely, shimmery pigmented highlighter. Thanks Kelley!
+ Cailyn Matte Tint | Because I can't have a beauty post without a lip color! A co-worker handed this to me ages ago because it was "not her color", and for some reason, it's become my go-to lately! The punchy pink shade is pretty perfect, and I have to admit I feel pretty cool in a matte lip. I also have the Cailyn Art Touch Lip Gloss in Basic Instinct, which is a great gloss!
Benefit Gimme Brow | And sometimes Birchbox sends you exactly what you've been dying to try! I love that the tinted spoolie really tames and shades brows at the same time, however; I need a little bit of shading help on the inside corners of my brows, and this product doesn't really stick on bare skin. A combo of a brow pencil + this works well for me!

*my best beauty finds come from Birchbox & ipsy! sign up for either for $10/month: ipsy // Birchbox
and I've reviewed about a million ipsy bags and Birchboxes here*

Currently / Nashville: adding this in here as I try to stay on top of Nashville's latest and greatest
+ Clyde's on Church opened in Nashville a few months ago, after being a Chattanooga favorite for years (I got to visit the original in May!) Not sure if I've ever mentioned a) how much I love playing ping-pong and b) how few public tables there are in town. Clyde's has a great food & drink selection and is the perfect spot to meet friends (or take friends from out of town.) There was also a picture of Avril Lavigne on the wall of the bathroom I used which is an automatic 10 points.
+ Batter's Box is a baseball themed bar in a double-wide trailer that is dangerously close to my office (across the street.) And if you're too good for that, we have no business being friends. The pizza is reportedly just a frozen pizza from the grocery store, but how does it taste so good? I have gotten free beers twice- once when I was an accidental witness at a wedding there, and once when I took them their mail! Can't beat that $4 Reuben, or that patio on a sunny day.
Currently / shopping:
+ I did something I've NEVER done and ordered something random after seeing it on Pinterest (surely this was in your feed, too?) This Cupshe two piece is still en route, but I love the Summery colors, and the fact that they're separates (crop top!) At $20, it won't be a loss either way.
+ Three words: 60's botanical print. I wanted everything in this print from Old Navy, and ended up with the top and dress (and by the way- did you see this picture?? We had a [planned] epidemic at a work function in this dress.)
+ My "boss" Christine & I are having a bralette Summer. Because let's be real- these are just lacy sports bras. I've picked them up in pink and charcoal at where else, Old Navy, and have been loving layering them under tanks.
+ I had an overnight bag (from Borders books, of all places) that I loved literally to death. On a recent wedding overnight, I realized that I didn't have the perfect overnight sized bag. Enter this Vera Bradley duffel (and my birthday month coupon!) Now, I'll be the first to say that Vera can be a little basic, but do you own one of these?? I have a large duffel as well and can honestly say it's a favorite for travel- they are so easy to throw everything in AND I love the bright prints. So call me basic! 
Now it's your turn! Got a life, pop culture, beauty, Nashville (or local to you :) or shopping gem to share? Send it my way! 

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