The *Right* Trousers

| necklace: Old Navy (mega old!) | tee: Gap | trousers: Gap Factory (mine are old, latest Gap / really similar) | clogs: Old Navy | lip: Nectarine Dream |

Well hey!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times- what a time to be alive, where all cuts of jeans are in style!

Remember in middle school when they had to be flared? I vividly remember a conversation I had with my then best friends about what type of jeans our moms wore- my cool friend’s cool mom was wearing flared jeans too, and our un-cool moms were wearing “tapered” (see: skinny) jeans. Then, ironically, for the longest time, we all had to wear skinny jeans!

But in 2016, you can marry who you want, you can basically live where you want (earth, space- all cool) and you can wear any type of jeans you please: high-waisted, boyfriend, girlfriend, flared, trouser, skinny, cropped, in any color of the rainbow- ALL GOOD. I think you can even get away with acid wash- so long as the fit is right.

I’m not trying to be :sassy emoji: but I actually bought these jeans a few years ago, to try and break into the trend of trousers that I loved on other bloggers. I actually bought them on the way back from Spring Break with a group of folks THAT is how dedicated I am to fashun. And to this blog.

This outfit is 100% inspired by this pin (and thereforth a pin for the win! Check out that Pinterest Board, and check out other documented pins for the win) which was inspired by me trying to find a way to style these jeans. Basics. Duh. Easy.

In retrospect, looking at these photos, I wish my trousers were a few inches longer in each direction. I had my mom hem them when I bought them (thanks Mom!) to be the perfect length with heels, but now I think they’d be about the perfect length with flats. They also hit at probably the most unflattering place- right at my hip, which seems like arrows to a tucked in t-shirt poking out AND my lunch! Mid-rise, friends. Mid-rise is so friendly.

What's your take on styling trousers? Send me a link to an outfit with trouser jeans! 

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