Head to Toe Remix #4: Black Cargo Pants

Three cheers for Wednesday! It’s hump day, we’re halfway to the weekend, AND it’s time for another weekly installment of the #HeadtoToeRemix with Elana of Room 334.

If you’ve missed the series entirely, (first of all, stop being a terrible friend); in an effort to shop our closets and therefore not actually shop, Elana and I are remixing abandoned items in our closet, from head to toe! So far I’ve remixed a Summer scarf, a leather jacket, and a vintage floral blouse. Click through for full posts and Elana’s equivalents (a statement necklace, a utility vest, and a striped button-up.)
îMÔ¡{9X{©á¢«{d©ßQéÍ`ê·xqÜn;#ñ?sÐæ²8M6»%btNµ½ÑâýQq§ø3DÌ-p|ÜqTÿ1cñ}|\Z6Ñj,k ·g3¹*ÝîWEÿÖÊXê#í$_ÀÝ¿-qZ®6zÕ¥Ìrý²gIò¦|¥Ï¸©ÅµvsR1«¸y<x©Áº4ºÆÏG·fRdr}ý¬:)PÑ}¥ÞKs;BNÀ£v1ÎêáQ2mÔ.ådñ'àSÎqß5$©wäE®
| lip: Stila Liquid Lipstick in Patina | watch: c/o JORD | necklace: gift (Forever 21) | top, pants, & loafers: Old Navy haha oops |

So today we’re focusing on neglected bottoms which makes me LOL. There are several ways I could’ve gone here- skirts, jeans, shorts, etc. however instead of an item that’s actually been “neglected”, I opted for one I’m always just looking for more ways to style: my beloved cargo pants.

I purchased these on a total whim from the Old Navy clearance section years ago, figuring, “they’re $8 and it’s always good to have pants that aren’t jeans and if I wear them once, I’ll get my moneys worth.” Now, cargo pants should never be someone’s claim to fame, but yeah, I’ve worn them quite a bit.

The remix for me here was simply wearing them with flat shoes which I realize sounds silly, but this tiny tweak totally changed the vibe of the outfit into something I’ve never tried before. These pants seem casual, plus something about the crop had previously all but required me to pair them with a heel or wedge of some kind.

This time I went with a closet favorite, my gold loafers, for a look that was totally laid back and cool. Does my outfit say “I curled my hair four days ago for a Bachelorette party?” Because that would be accurate!
Elana is wearing a look I can see transitioning to Fall so easily with booties and a cardigan (that's what this time of year is all about, right?) Button-front skirts like this are so on trend, and the khaki is a nice twist! She should definitely hang on to this one. See her full post right here.

If you have cargo pants, PLEASE let me know, I’m looking for members for my support group.

Thank you for following along with the #HeadtoToeRemix! And thanks to Elana for co-hosting. We’ll be back next week featuring a “closet orphaned” pair of shoes!

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