My Top 10 ipsy & Birchbox Products

By now, if you know literally one thing about me from reading this blog, it’s that I started subscribing to ipsy and Birchbox nearly two years ago, and have become kinda obsessed. It’s not that I was a beauty person before, or even now, really, but I like to think my subs have at least eradicated my status as a total beauty rookie.

Two years in I have tried out a TON of products, and I love that aspect of trying something that I normally wouldn’t have. I frequently buy things for people or lend things to people or rave about a product to my sisters or friends and always say the same thing “I got this in my ipsy/Birchbox!” I’m unfortunately very predictable.

However, some of the products have jumped out above the rest; the ones that have made me say "How was I NOT using this before?!" and got me to thinking- what are the ten best products I’ve ever received? These are things that, if I haven’t purchased already, I’m planning to, or would purchase if I didn’t already own.

And they are a great place to start for beauty rookies, mavens, or anyone in between!

Here they are, my Top 10 ipsy/Birchbox Products:
*Most of these products have additional reviews on the blog that I’ve linked to.

1.       beauty blender | I still remember the gasp heard ‘round the office when I got this in my Birchbox. Said gasp was partially because I had never heard of them. Beauty blenders are THE best way to apply and blend concealer or foundation, and bonus that they keep things neat. More here.
2.     Elizabeth Mott primer | I’ve tried out several primers, but none that I have stuck with like this one. A dab of this keeps eye make-up in place ALL day- and I mean to the office and gym and drinks. The consistency and texture of it is perfect. As soon as I finish my sample I will be purchasing this. More here.
3.     NYX soft-spoken | I’m not ranking within this list buuuut if I were, this might be the overall winner. You’ve heard me rave about this product and shade so many times, but here’s one more. This is my MLBB. It’s extremely close to my natural lip color, and the formula goes on nicely, and stays put. The matte finish adds a bit of subtle polish. Just a fantastic product and shade! Initial review / what it looks like on me.
4.     Stila liquid lipstick | I’m a lip color fanatic above anything else, and I’ve received many a gloss/stick/crayon, but this product is a cut above the rest. I’ve received it in Beso (which I’ve misplaced) and recently in Patina (a neutral pink) and I’m about ready to buy them in every color! The formula is fantastic- long lasting and perfect in glossy or matte. Initial review / what they look like on me: Patina / Beso.
5.     Hello by Harvey Prince perfume | I purchased this perfume, which is the best vote of confidence I can give you! I like scents that are fresh and not too sweet, and this fits the bill perfectly. More here.
6.     Mirenesse mascara | I have sampled a bunch of mascara, and I think you’d agree that most of them rank about the same. This is the best mascara I’ve ever used. Something about the curved brush really lifted & separated my lashes like I’d never seen! At $30 a pop, I was hesitant to purchase it on my own, but in an act of providence, I just received this in a Birchbox mystery sample pack for FREE. For realz. More here.
7.     Klorane dry shampoo | I’m sorry I’m such a broken record, but the only hair product I used on a regular basis is dry shampoo (daily.) I always run out of it when I travel, so I always love getting a sample. This dry shampoo is tinted, which makes it just that much better for this dark brunette. More here.
8.     Beaver shampoo & conditioner | My hair is thick and difficult to wash. I really notice a difference when I use cheaper shampoo, and likewise if I use really good stuff. This shampoo and conditioner left my hair feeling noticeably different and super clean! It would be a splurge for shampoo & conditioner, but totally worth it. They are consistently sold out in the Birchbox shop, which is another good sign. More here.
9.     Jelly Pong liner | I typically save black eyeliner for more festive occasions, and rarely wear it to work on a normal day. This liner is the perfect step in between. It definitely takes eye make-up to the next level, but is still subtle enough to wear for daytime. The shimmery brown is so pretty, and it’s a thicker crayon, so it goes on super easily. More here.
10.  Redken Windblown spray | I am very lazy chill when it comes to my hair, so it takes a LOT to get me to use a product. What I love about this is that it works on any state of hair- natural, straightened, curled, you name it. It’s a “finishing spray” which likens to a hairspray, but also gives you some volume and texture, sans crunch. More here.

If you have love for one of these products (or something similar, or something different) I would love to hear about it! I’m still just barely above beauty rookie status and welcome all advice :)

Let me know if you’d like to hear my soapbox of why I enjoy Birchbox & ipsy so much. For a while I was comparing the two monthly if you’d like to determine which one would best for you. Over the last few months I’ve just been highlighting the best from each sub.

You can subscribe to ipsy or Birchbox for $10/month using my referral links, if you like!

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