Weekend {& life} Update: Benders & Balance

the view from our balcony in Gatlinburg

Whew. Life has been a bender of activity since last Monday. I knew the time between my recent trip to CA and going back for the wedding would go by at lightning speed- and it HAS- I'm headed back on Wednesday afternoon for Coren & Marisol's wedding (the first of the Pappus!)

Since I started working full-time (uh, almost three years ago) if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that there’s a really delicate balance during the week of activities after work, and completely free evenings. My sweet spot seems to be exactly two free evenings to get my life on track (usually Monday after the weekend and one other) and three evenings where I have “plans” (this includes side hustles, errands, happy hours, meeting friends, etc.) I’m just curious if you’ve found a balance that works well for you, and what it is?

And then I’ve found that if this gets thrown off-balance- so does my life. Last week for me looked like: meeting a friend of a friend Monday evening, meeting a new co-worker Tuesday evening, a goodbye party that turned into going to a friend’s show Wednesday, babysitting and going to watch the Perseid meteor shower Thursday, and then a pre-game event at work (the game being the Nashville Sounds) on Friday night.

This went right up to leaving for Gatlinburg Saturday morning with Amanda for our friend Katie’s bachelorette party (#SoontobeShanked.) It was a quick turnaround, we stayed in an amazing 3 story cabin with just as many balconies and 14 girls. As for Gatlinburg, I’ll just say it was certainly scenic and otherwise everything that everyone warned me about (lots of Tweety Bird tattoos.) Katie- we love you! 

See what I mean? I’ve been on a bender!

I feel like I have one million things I need to do between now and when I leave Wednesday after work, which is always the case when I leave town mid-week. This includes getting loads of sleep so I can be on my best behavior around family and extended family for three days straight AND so I can kick this nasty cold/cough that crept up on me last week. And I dunno, writing my speech for the reception?? 

Just a quick real-life-update so you know what’s going on in my life besides the outfits :) hope your week is off to a great start and thanks for reading!

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