Head to Toe Remix #3: Vintage Floral Blouse

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Hey hey! It’s that time again. Today’s episode of the Head to Toe Remix features a top that needed some lovin’ [ICYMI: Me & Elana of Room 334 are remixing forgotten pieces in our closet from the top, down! So far we’ve remixed an accessory and an outerwear item.) 
| earrings: Old Navy | dress: Old Navy via clothing swap | watch: c/o JORD | ring: made by Adriane! | top: vintage giveaway win | clogs: Old Navy | lip: Stila Liquid Lipstick in Patina (new fave!) |

Much like last week- today’s item of choice is vintage, floral, and hasn’t been worn this season. 

When I started brainstorming for today’s outfit, instead of picking out the actual item first like I’d done previously, I thought about how I’d like to style a top in a new way. The answer was “jumper style” (as I like to call it) that is, layering under a dress. I don’t know why I forget this so often, but THE single easiest way to add some visual interest to an outfit is to layer. I absolutely loved the way this top layered under this dress! Both in terms of the fabric and fit, and the little bow tie. 

This blouse is one I won in a giveaway a couple years ago (umm, I've actually worn it several times on the blog!) but hadn't worn in a while. This dress on its’ own is a favorite that I got in an office clothing swap about a year ago (an early Fall outfit with this dress that I love!)

The result was a combo that felt totally 70’s- and I am totally into it. 
jcrew-button-down-thrifted-bb-dakota-skirt (1)
Elana is wearing a couple of my favorite pieces in her closet, together, for some fantastic pattern mixing! I immediately wish-list a top like this every time I see her wear it, and can you believe she thrifted this skirt?? Be sure to check out the entire post on Room 334!

I've loved being able to collaborate with Elana consistently, and this remix has also made me feel pretty good about what I have in my closet- both in terms of having plenty and wearing it out. Which was kinda absolutely the goal! And we still have three weeks & themes to go: a bottom, a pair of shoes, and a dress. 

Thanks for following along with us! If you've gotten inspired to style or re-style a top or other item of clothing that you haven't worn in a while, let me know so I can cheer you on! 

Next up, next week: a bottom (this sounds silly so I'll go ahead and tell you I'll be wearing my cargo pants :) 

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