Chartreuse + Emerald

| earrings: Old Navy | blouse: H&M | pants: Old Navy {current equivalent} | flats: Madewell via Poshmark |

The other day I came across a super interesting article about color theory (A Short Intro to Colour Theory via Into Mind, definitely check it out!), which brought to my attention, for the first time, the reasons behind why some colors actually look good together (and some don’t!) Because there would be a science behind something that seems completely abstract and artistic right? 

I can’t recommend that article enough, actually, if only to start looking at pairing colors in a new way. Of course, I wanted to go home and come up with the zaniest color-blocking possible…and I think I did. According to that article, my outfit is based around an “Analogous colour palette” which, "consist of different, but neighbouring hues. The constant property can be either the saturation or the brightness level or both.” So the chartreuse and emerald green in this outfit are neighbors on the color wheel, and are a near match in terms of saturation (bright!), and that’s why this works. Isn’t that fascinating? I ended up loving this color combo- it felt pretty perfect for one of my first Fall outfits! 

Have you ever considered color theory while putting outfits together? I would love to hear about it! 

In other news- I’ve been in love with these flats for years after seeing them on various bloggers and co-workers, and finally got my hands on a pair via Poshmark! This is seriously one of the beauties of the app- nothing is truly ever "sold out” or “last season” until you can’t find it on Poshmark. Sign up using the code PWGSG and we both get $10 to spend! 

So I’m actually on vacation this week (heyo!) but hope you’re all holding it down in God’s country for me. If this post goes up according to plan, today I’ll be flying from Munich to Paris, where we’ll be until Saturday! That is, assuming we survived Oktoberfest. Follow along with our sister shenanigans on Instagram and Twitter (personal/blog.)

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