Snapshots of Life, XIV: Summer '16 Edition

Ah, Summer '16. You were strange and wonderful. Here's a few moments that shouldn't get left out!
all of these are left to right!
Mom being adorable with her first pair of Lulus, found my favorite sign in Chattanooga, "Talent Tiki Days & Night" at work, the best Summer activity in Tennessee
pitstop in Carlsbad with Sundar, the new Mrs. Pappu being FAB at her Bach party, accurate picture of my front door this Summer, Selena Gomez with Dani & friends! 
a kiss for #FromMissytoMrs, sometimes I have this thing about Floors, post-American Idiot with my little rockstar, snuggling with Peanut all day long after the race!
a marathon selfie on the Golden Gate, welcoming our newest Pappuma at the rehearsal dinner, me running under a waterfall #nature, Katie's #SoontobeShanked Bachelorette in Gatlinburg

Snapshots of life, since the beginning of time: 
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