Euro Packing Capsule #1

| sunnies: Target (similar) | sweater: H&M (exact & marvelous) | jeans: Old Navy (basically the same) | purse: Kate Spade (similar in the prettiest color!) | trainers: Nike Juvenate (the best!) | 

photos taken by Carina on an iPhone 6 & edited with VSCOCam

I'M BACK! Where to begin? I'm not sure where to start in terms of, anything, really (real life, work, this blog, etc.) so as to not totally overwhelm myself, baby steps!

Let's start with an outfit from the first day of my trip, arriving in London (Carina & I met up in London, and pro-tip: if you're in the US, London is likely your cheapest point of entry into Europe- not to mention an awesome city.) If you follow me on Twitter, you're probably tired of hearing about my packing capsule for the trip- that I agonized over in advance, and served me so well! I have a packing post in the works, so much more about that later. And for a sneaky peak, I tweeted selfies of my outfits nearly every day while I was gone.

I'm also working on a full re-cap post of my trip (stay tuned!) and Carina was kind enough to snap several sets of outfit photos for me throughout the week, so I'll be rolling those out slowly! 

Like I mentioned, I wore this the day we arrived in London, and literally had to be moving so we wouldn't fall asleep, after flying overnight! These trainers are making their blog debut?! My brother got them for me as a very belated birthday present (which I am totally ok with, btw.) They were so clutch for my trip, and I wore them all week long (they are the Nike Juvenate- totally recommend!) Otherwise, this outfit was totally simple and totally perfect for a day of walking, eating, and shopping around London. 

I'll say this now and I'll say it again a million times- though I love colors and patterns, I physically restrained myself to neutrals for my packing capsule---and just like everybody always says---it made things so. EASY. 
left, my pint sized companion for the week, in a jacket that was never to be seen again (long story)
right, the first (OF MANY) selfies

So, what's new with you? Thanks for holding down the fort in the U-S-A! 

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