Euro Packing Capsule #3

| sunnies: Target (similar) | purse: Kate Spade (similar) | scarf: H&M (love this so much) | jacket: from Carina (exact splurge!) | dress: Old Navy | trainers: Nike Juvenate

Well hey! I’ve got my third packing capsule outfit ready for you from my recent trip (and here’s the first and second one, in case you missed it!) 

Thursday we spent the day at Versailles, which we debated doing, but was totally worth it- and just magnificent! I don’t know which was more impressive: the palace(s, all three of them), or those gardens (more of my pics from Versailles!) We were there from 8-5 but could have stayed even longer. I would definitely recommend spending the day there if you get a chance! 

When I was packing, I imagined wearing a day dress for our day trip to Versailles. While this combination was totally comfortable for walking around all day, it was this day the temperature DROPPED in Paris, so I was actually pretty chilly! Luckily we were able to spend some time indoors, and the rest of it walking briskly. This oversized scarf is actually pretty cozy too (and still available at H&M online!) I wore it nearly every day of my trip (so clutch on freezing airplanes!) And now that I’m back, I really want to buy a few more oversized scarves…guess I should check out the ones I already *have* first, huh. I haven’t fully transitioned my closet into Fall/Winter, and with the temperature hitting 90 tomorrow…what’s the point?!
                                Those gardens though!                                               Hall of Mirrors selfie

I’ve got one packing capsule outfit to go, and at the end of the week I’ll do a full Packing List recap! Stay tuned.  

Hope you had a lovely Fall weekend! I managed to do a little crafting on top of carving pumpkins, so I'm in the spirit (I know, who am I?!) Before you’re too impressed, it was probably the easiest project ever, but I can’t wait to share how it turned out! 

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