Euro Packing Capsule #4

| leather jacket: from Carina {similar splurge!} | scarf: H&M | t-shirt: Old Navy (one of my favorite basics! I need it in every color.) {really similar} | purse: Kate Spade {similar} | jeans: Old Navy | loafers: Zara (love these!) | 

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Here's the last outfit from my Euro trip packing capsule (outfit one, outfit two, outfit three; ICYMI!), from our very last day in Paris :( side note- how has it already been over a week since I've been back?! So on our last, COLD day in Paris, after a pit-stop for croissants, we spent the morning walking around and shopping, checking out the incredible Notre Dame, stopping in a bakery for lunch, and finally hitting up the Louvre! 

Call me uncultured, but after walking through the entire gallery of Italian paintings, which was spectacular, and culminated in my main beesh Mona; we were ready to go back to our apartment for a quick disco nap before meeting Cannelle and Madeleine. 

What can I say about this outfit that I haven't said already? By now you probably recognize nearly every item from a previous capsule outfit, which, I dunno, means I did a packing capsule the right way? This outfit was simple, but I actually really like how it came together, and WILL repeat irl. Oh, and I had to had to wear these shoes to the Louvre. I just had to. 
On the left is the very last picture I took in Paris- talk about a whomp whomp! On the way back from hanging with Cannelle, we decided to make one last detour to the Eiffel Tower...which we assumed would be lit up. But we were too LATE. Apparently at 2am the lights are no longer on. Bummer!

And on the right, a selfie with the Mona Lisa because when in Paris!

I hope you are having a splendid week! It's been a quiet one for me so far, but we are gearing up for what has become one of my favorite events of the year- the volunteer haunted house my co-workers & I put on for kids at a community center nearby! Every year I bully recruit people to join, and every year I say the same thing: it's an amazing volunteer opportunity, because the kids love it and it makes their Halloween; but also, it is so much festive fun. Also every year I say I'll try to share pictures and I never do. Maybe this will be the year. 

Be back Friday with my full packing list & recap! 

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