Providential Pants

| jacket: Old Navy {similar splurge!} | tee: H&M | pants: Topshop | loafers: Zara | earrings: gift from India | 

This is the story of these spectacular pants. 

The scene opens: DryBar Bryant Park, NYC, Fashion Week. I made appointments for me and Carina to get our hair blown out upon arrival (a genius travel strategy I got from Jessica) as to not waste any time during our super quick trip washing hair, and generally just feel fabulous. 

Being the worst blogger of all time, I didn’t even realize it was Fashion Week while we’d be in the city, but the buzz was everywhere! We played a game called “Model or Extraordinary Civilian” all weekend, searching out the gorgeous amazonian models-off-duty everywhere we went. I was so tickled at the street style I saw on every corner, and I know that’s pretty normal for any time you’re in the city, but I’d like to think it was slightly elevated as people were headed straight to runway shows. 

Carina & I were mid-blow-out (a Cosmo-tai for me, a Cosmopolitan for her) when two insanely stylish girls were seated opposite to us. I looked them up and down, and not in a judgmental way at all, I just wanted to absorb every detail of their outfit (PLS tell me I’m not the only one who does this??) I whisper-hissed to Carina (super subtle) “THEY ARE GOING TO FASHION WEEK”, I just knew it! One of them was wearing THESE PANTS and looked spectacular. I can't even tell you what else she was wearing. I just couldn't stop thinking about those pants.

Fast-forward to a few weeks later, when I found myself in a Topshop in London, on my way to Paris via Munich with Carina (more on that adventure.) We were browsing the Petites section, when lo and behold: THE pants. I knew instantly they were the same pants I saw on my style crush at DryBar. Carina wasn't totally on board at first, but I knew they were coming home with me, and it was destiny! 

I spent the rest of the week preaching to her about wearing what you like, because you like it. Are they a little zany? Sure. Was I going to Fashion Week on the day I wore this outfit? Nah, I was going to work. And I can tell you now that my ideal outfit with these pants is this crop top and these heels, (tested this for a cocktail party recently and it was perf) but in the mean time, I think this was a decent styling attempt to make these pants work-ready.

So here's my takeaway for today: if you see some pants you love, let them go. If you see them at a Topshop several weeks and countries later, it is meant to be. Also happy FRIYAY friends! 

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