Coren & Marisol, 8.19.16

So happy to finally share photos from my brother Coren & the stunning Marisol's beautiful wedding back in August (my pics, here!) The incredible venue is Camarillo Ranch in Camarillo, CA. 

Please note: I did not take any of these photos, they were done by the amazing, talented (and scrappy!) Kreate Photography- if you're in California, I would completely recommend her. 
venue: Camarillo Ranch- now I'm convinced an old Victorian House is the most amazing photo backdrop
how beautiful is my new sister?! can you believe that hair?
spoiler: this is our family Christmas card for the year (sorry Mom!)
L O V E my people! 
could you die over how handsome my brothers are?! I could hardly stand it.
the mariachi band was one of the highlights of the wedding
now presenting, for the first time, Mr. & Mrs. Pappu!
Tuppy saying "I messed up" during I Won't Give Up- didn't hurt the performance a bit
me being funny during my speech! sometimes my jokes are good ok?!
that lighting + those faces + that garden! 
all photos by Kreate Photography

adapted from Coren’s birthday post from a few years ago

“Hi everyone! For those of you I don’t know, my name is Priya, and I’ve known Coren for about…25 years?

I’m Coren’s youngest sister. And when I think of Coren, I’ll always think of two things: music of all kinds and my entire family around the table laughing.

So Coren is six years older than me, and though it doesn’t feel like a lot now, growing up, it was a LOT. Any of you that are younger sisters can relate- you idolize your older brothers, but you’re the annoying little sister.

So when I was 11 and Coren was 17 (again, that’s a 6th grade girl and a Senior guy so like, nothing in common), Coren drove me to middle school on his way to high school. And at first it was like, whatever, I need a ride to school, and for a while he was dropping me across the street from my school at Jack in the Box so he didn’t have to make a u-turn, which I did not appreciate (and when I told my parents they got really mad), but once we worked past all of that: it became this incredible time for us to bond over music.

I was exposed to rock & alternative for the first time, as we listened to Channel 104.9 every day, and Coren would ask me about what I liked, which was a huge deal to me as an 11-year-old girl, that my older brother was asking my opinion on something. To this day, when I hear early Maroon 5 or Pearl Jam or Smashing Pumpkins, it takes me right back to driving in what I think we called “the small car.”

This established an eternal bond for us. In 8th grade, Coren set up my first iPod for me. In high school, he was the one buying me band tees for my birthday (that my Mom didn’t want me to have.) We would go to shows together, and even to this day, one of my favorite things is being able to be around Coren and Tuppy as they jam, and Coren is still sending me music (literally the other night he texted me and said “do you like this song, it’s K-Pop.”)

Second thing: if you’ve been to our house, you know there’s this giant dining table that’s the epicenter of it all. Because of family is so big, we can rank even to third place things like ‘smartest’ *points to Carina* ‘slowest’ *points to Amir* and funniest. Coren has held the title of funniest I think since he could talk? So then I think there were a few years in there it was Galina, but I’m sure even then Coren was just starting to write his jokes and think ‘I can’t wait until I can talk & don’t have to listen to Galina’s jokes anymore!’ I have so many memories of us all around that big table laughing at something Coren said- whether it was an impression of my dad, a memory of me and the twins when we were younger, or a South Park quote.

Marisol, I couldn’t be happier to welcome you in to this crazy bunch. -We get it- there’s a lot of personalities, a lot of culture (you know a little bit about that ;) many different dynamics, and it has been awesome to see you jump in and take it all in stride. I mean, we’re all pretty nice. Amir gets angry sometimes- but that’s about it. From the moment I met you and we all met you, we were so pleased with how warm you are, and your effort to get to know each of us has been so apparent. I mean, you may have noticed that all seven of us are in the wedding, which is so thoughtful- but to be clear, as some of us are still single, not a requirement.

I couldn’t have dreamed up a better match for my brother. Congrats, Coren & Marisol! I love you guys.

And my prayer for you is that your home will always be full of music and laughter.

So raise your glass to the couple of the year, the couple of the decade, the couple of the century- Coren & Marisol!”

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