weekend update: m'ladies

Last weekend, two of my best friends from high school, Jenae & Stephanie, came to visit meeee! I was going to say "we didn't take a lot of pictures" but, we did, just not of hanging out together (remember Steph is a brilliant photographer so I was all, "please take some pics for my blog??") Stay tuned! 

Both of them have actually been to Nashville several times, so this XL weekend was a pretty good mix of going out and staying in. Friday night was basically my birthday party because we had dinner with Amanda and Emily, and Saturday night was a going out marathon that started at Puckett's and ended with Steph & singing "You & I" at Santa's Pub (it did not disappoint!) And Sunday we were totally useless.

In between all of this we squeezed in lots of walking and shopping, coffee and tacos, sleeping in and napping, & ugly laughing and talking over each other. And Stephanie acted like a lamb, and Jenae acted like a baby, and Emily let us take over the entire house (thanks Em!) 

Thank you, m'ladies, for coming to m'Nashville, and you are welcome back any old time. 

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