Weekend Update: 36 Hours in Miami


My sister Carina and I like to do crazy things like meet up in a brand new city for 36 hours.

I should rephrase that, giving credit where it's due, and say my sister makes it possible for us to do things like that, when we haven't seen each other since Thanksgiving. So next up in our "36 Hours In..." series is sunny Miami, Florida!

On Saturday morning I woke up at 4:30am to hop on a plane- and let me be clear that a tropical adventure with my little Peanut is maybe the ONLY reason I will wake up at that un-godly hour. Carina had a brief detour to Tampa (and I had a mini freak-out) but eventually found me poolside and {probably} already sunburnt at The Standard Hotel. Which I can’t recommend enough, by the way! In fact, we barely left the hotel (or really the pool) the entire weekend. The Standard Hotel Miami was originally the Lido Spa back in the 70’s and has kept the hippie botanical motel by the ocean vibes, with a serious upgrade. Every inch of it is thoughtful and colorful!

We barely did the South Beach thing- we walked down there a couple times- mostly looking for someone rollerblading in hi-cut neon bikini bottoms- but we discovered that Bacardi Fest was happening on the beach (not our liquor, not our crowd), and headed back to The Standard. Where Miami by Will Smith was on repeat (in my brain, n e way!)

The highlight of my weekend, which narrowly outranks stumbling into the South Beach antiques fair, splitting a pitcher of Pamplemousse Rose, and sleeping for ten hours, was exploring the Wynwood neighborhood, both for dinner and murals. We had dinner at Alter, which was incredible (only the best from my little foodie Peanut. I’m in great hands.) HOLY murals, Wynwood is a blogger paradise.

Miami is kinda a dreamy paradise as a whole, and I can’t wait to go back. It was such a tropical tease, like I’m ready to spend ten days in the sun now that I have my base tan ;) And it was so good to chat with my sister for hours on end. I start to get restless when I’ve gone too long without her insulting me in person, you know? Thanks Peanut for showing me Miami! Where to next, I’ll meet you there!

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