Tornado Culottes

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KQ2A9315 | earrings: Old Navy {similar} | lip: Wet n Wild LiquidCatsuit in Give Me Mocha | blouse: H&M {similar} | culottes: Old Navy [still available!] | tote: gift (Nordstrom) [still available!] | heels: Nordstrom Rack [still available!] | 

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If you're reading this, that means I survived our conference last week! You know, I would say I actually thrived. I got to emcee for two full days, & have I ever mentioned how much I love being on stage? It was a dream. I also got to sit in on some pretty amazing keynotes sessions. I'm so hyped to be apart of this team. I'll probably spend this week catching up from last week but, all good! I also had the laziest weekend in the history of weekends so, feeling alright. 

These culottes are turning out to be my best random purchase, maybe ever (check out my first and second styling attempts!) I think, not shockingly, the move is to keep the rest of the look super simple, since these pants are such a statement. This look may be my favorite way I've worn them so far, and was perfect to wear to work. They are still available at Old Navy in pretty limited sizes, but this pair from Forever 21 is super similar.

This style of heel is everywhere right now and for good reason! They are so comfortable and go with everything (I'm wearing them today, actually!) They're also a pretty flattering style for anyone with short legs (raising my hand.) This exact pair that I'm wearing is also still available at Nordstrom Rack

I started down a SUPER dangerous path this week & started watching some beauty tutorials/product reviews on YouTube. Once I get my bearings a bit, I'll definitely share some favorites! Quick shout-out again for the Wet n Wild LiquidCatsuit lipsticks, the shade I'm wearing here is Give Me Mocha. It has been so funny to me that Wet n Wild is the drugstore brand that literally ALL beauty vloggers rave about; considering it's honestly the first make-up I ever knew existed. I bet there's still a couple bottles of crusty Wet n Wild glitter nail polish at my parent's house, from the 90's!

Ok lastly, I was absolutely dying at how beautiful all the blooming trees were a few weeks ago. I knew we had to get outside & get some pictures before they turned green, but on this day I SWEAR there was a tornado that afternoon so the wind was INSANE. A little bit of wind is a dream for blog pics, tornadic winds, not so much. The laughter in these pictures is real because I could not get my hair to stay put at all! The things we do for these blogs, I swear. 

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