APRIL / showers bring

a few favorites from this month

+ I know, I know, but I just can't believe I'm writing this post on the eve of MAY. Whether they were literal or emotional showers that clouded your April (I've had both), you know what those April showers bring! There is so much good stuff around the corner, guys!

+  This past month I was a part of two bachelorette parties; one here in Nashville for Anjali, and one in Portland, OR for Katie! I transitioned out of Winter wear with my one cold-weather-accessory, paid an homage to millennial pink and my new favorite purse, wore the most 90's outfit ever, and styled my culottes for Spring!

+ Can I get a round of applause because I have finally finished East of Eden? Only took me 8 months. I'll be honest, I had to do a SparkNotes deep dive afterwards. It is undoubtably an incredible piece of literature and John Steinbeck is a writer rivaled by few. A couple gems (but there is SO MUCH good stuff):
"Act out being alive, like a play. And after a while, a long while, it will be true."
"Eventlessness has no posts to drape duration on. From nothing to nothing is no time at all."
"He had an idea that even when beaten he could steal a little victory by laughing at defeat."

BEAUTY: I'll keep this month's brief because next month is gonna be a doozy. 
+ 24K Nudes Palette | I randomly came across two rave reviews of this palette in one day. So far, not in love with it.
+ Urban Decay Vice in Tampered | I've been on the hunt for this since this post and found it in Sephora in PDX!
+ Too Faced Shadow Insurance | Still a beauty rookie who doesn't wear a "full face" daily, but I can't live without this!

NASHVILLE: We painted the town with an all-star line-up for Anj's bachelorette weekend!
+ Le Sel | Couldn't be more perfect for a Bach party (two words: pink booths) & I had the best lamb gnocchi ever!
+ LA Jackson | No, THIS is my new favorite spot in town. A top the Thompson Hotel a classy af rooftop bar?! Hello.
+ Margot | We had our aforementioned life-giving Bach brunch here, I had steak and fries and it was the ultimate.
+ Marché | Don't forget about Margot's free-spirited sister where you can't make a reservation & I had Easter brunch.

+ Have to give a shoutout to my favorite artist, Andrew McMahon. Saw him again this month & he has a new album!
+ Here's the playlist I'm listening to as I workout these days (I update it weekly!) and it's called Twerkout Now. 
+ Have you guys checked out the I Love My 90's / '00's R&B playlists on Spotify?? Just an anthology of classics.
+ Few more tracks I love right now: Don't Take The Money, Despacito, Love, Now or NeverSign of the Times (duh!)
P.S. Are we following each other on Spotify??
SHOPPING: These Spring sales slayed me, you guys. Linked to similar for random items!
+ My girlfriend jeans from UO are my fave purchase of the month! They are a dream & I want to wear nothing else.
+ I was also dying for some tassel earrings and this pair from Madewell fit the bill, perfectly (and on sale!)
+ I love the Madewell courier shirt and picked up the dress equivalent to wear for a casual conference Friday. Love it!
+ This cord skirt (linked to identical) is the only remaining item off my Fall wishlist! I found mine at a local boutique.
+ Y'all know I can't resist a day dress and a trendy muscle tank one came home with me from the UO sale for like $10.
+ Two Poshmark purchases this month! First, some fabled Madwell floral jeans which are so cute and I think too small :/
+ Second, the most gorgeous Erin Fetherston silk romper (really similar to this) purchased with a Bach party in mind!
+ Scooped up another lacy bralette (can't stop!) from the Urban Outfitters additional sale on sale.
+ How amazingly 90's is this velvet dress (though mine is maroon) that I also found at the UO sale?!
+ My bridesmaid ensemb for Katie's wedding is shaping up to be so stylin, it includes these gold heels.

Always interested in hearing the latest and greatest in your life. Please share with me below! Thanks for reading!

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